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Most number of Salesforce MVPs among all global Salesforce implementation partners since 2016
Salesforce Expertise

Dazeworks is recognized among Salesforce consulting partners worldwide for having the most number of Salesforce MVPs. Salesforce MVPs are product experts and globally recognized leaders within the Salesforce ecosystem. Our Salesforce consulting services and Salesforce implementation practices are built on the cumulative knowledge, vast experience and the able leadership of our 6 Salesforce MVPs.

With more than a decade of multi-cloud experience on Salesforce products and the elite expertise of Salesforce MVPs on our side, you can count on us to help you demystify the Salesforce platform, deliver flawless Salesforce implementation services, rebuild your custom Salesforce apps for scalability and much more.

APAC’s Top Salesforce
Implementation Partner

Dazeworks has over a decade long experience in pioneering robust and scalable Salesforce solutions. We take pride in being recognized with the Salesforce Platinum Partner title within just two years of participating in the official Salesforce partner program.

The commitment of our 150+ Salesforce certified consultants across 9+ global offices is key to delivering customer excellence. We are now duty-bound by the high standards of service delivery and the stringent evaluation process by Salesforce as a due-diligence in retaining the coveted title of Salesforce Platinum consulting partner.

Our Expertise

Dazeworks delivers exceptional Salesforce consulting services from solution discovery to implementation to ongoing Salesforce support programs across the Salesforce suite of products.

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Full Stack Salesforce Implementation Services
Your search for a globally reputed 360 degree Salesforce consulting company ends here. With our dedicated Salesforce cloud practices, we guarantee to be your one stop shop for quality Salesforce services.

New to the world of Salesforce CRM? We have you covered. To set things rolling, an architect level Salesforce MVP will connect with you to understand the goals and challenges of the business a.k.a business process discovery. From there, we will work with you to select the right product mix (Salesforce licenses, AppExchange apps, custom apps, integrations etc.) and chalk out an architectural blueprint and an implementation roadmap.

Once we get your spanking new Salesforce CRM up and running, we will work closely with your Salesforce administrators, business leaders, sales reps, marketers and service agents to ensure that they are rightly empowered to leverage the full potential of your new Salesforce CRM. and Through our ongoing Salesforce support services you are guaranteed to make a hefty return on your Salesforce investment. In the long run, if you would like to transfer the post implementation heavy lifting, then you are sure to find great value in our Salesforce managed services.

Salesforce CRM

Your business is constantly evolving and so should your Salesforce CRM. As your business processes become more complex, a more scalable and robust CRM solution like Salesforce becomes inevitable. And it helps to have a reliable digital transformation partner who is equally qualified in managing large volumes of data and Salesforce CRM implementations by your side.Take the leap of faith on your new Salesforce CRM re-implementation with our team of Salesforce certified consultants.

Our deep expertise across the Salesforce suite of products and our team of Salesforce-certified consultants and developers will march with you on your digital transformation journey. We will ensure that the newly transformed Salesforce CRM keeps pace with your explosive business growth, complies with stringent data security metrics and boosts your employee productivity.

Migrating to

Migrating to Salesforce CRM is a great choice for businesses that have outgrown homegrown CRMs built on spreadsheets or are unable to keep up with the evolving needs of your business and its customers. With our extensive experience in overall data management and Salesforce CRM migration services, we will ensure your business-critical data is safely and securely moved to Salesforce.

Each business is unique and so is its data model. It requires careful planning and flawless execution to prevent data losses, data corruption and data redundancy. Prime attention has to be paid to minimize potential data risks while developing a detailed migration plan. Our team of Salesforce certified consultants with years of hard earned experience will work with you to understand the nuances of your data model, establish Salesforce recommended best practices, and deliver a fail proof migration into Salesforce.

Salesforce Integration

Well built Salesforce integrations with third party systems including ERP & accounting systems, CTI solutions, chatbots, payment gateways, e-commerce platforms, marketing automation engines and so on have the potential to transform your Salesforce into a single source of truth for all your business activities. Our team of Salesforce certified consultants will help you build a milestone driven and time sensitive integration roadmap based on your business needs.

Starting with a comprehensive system audit, to ensuring end-to-end documentation of the integration process, to ongoing enablement & support services, we are fully equipped to be the 360° Salesforce integration service provider for your business. You would also benefit from industry best practices stemming from our ongoing relationships with the leading Anypoint connectors including Boomi, Jiiterbit, Workato, Mulesoft.

Classic to Lightning Migration

Your plan for moving your Salesforce into the Lightning experience needs to be deeper than the out of the box Lightning Readiness Report. Diligent, unbiased and time sensitive considerations on process, systems and the people impacted are to be made before you fully commit to the decision. This is where Dazeworks, with our 150+ Salesforce certified consultants, can come to your help.

Our Salesforce Lighting migration services are structured to give you a holistic picture on what to migrate, what to leave behind, what to custom build and so on. This includes system audit, gap analysis, migration roadmap, data mapping, custom development, multi-point quality checks and ongoing enablement & training workshops. Lightning has already become the de facto version for all new Salesforce customers and we will make sure that your business gets the most out of it.

Org Audit & User Enablement

Your CRM is the epicenter of your sales, marketing and customer service initiatives. Over the course of time, the chances of inefficiencies in the form of redundant data models, broken/incomplete workflows, reduced user adoption etc. might find its way in. This would result in a gap between your expectations and the final outcomes from Salesforce. Our team of Salesforce certified consultants will work with you to ensure your system remains in perfect condition.

It is imperative that you do periodic org health audits, deploy fine system adjustments and conduct user enablement workshops to ensure that your business continues to be on a path of exponential growth. With our deep technical expertise of the Salesforce platform and the hands-on experience in working with the leaders in retail, CPG, manufacturing, insurance, technology, travel, hospitality and so on, we can help you maximize your Salesforce ROI.

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Salesforce Implementation Success Spotlight
Your search for a trusted Salesforce implementation partner ends here.

Ashish Srivastava, Lithium Urban Technologies

Ashish Srivastava

Head – Business Engineering and Program Management

Lithium Urban Technologies


Five red stars representing Clutch reviews

“We needed a custom model given that we are a startup. Dazeworks adapted to our requirements and worked as a partner — not just a vendor. Their commitment to partnership and ensuring success was the most impressive part.”

Angela Adams, COO of Now It Matters

Angela Adams


Now IT Matters


Five red stars representing Clutch reviews

“Our initial goal was to triple our resource capacity with regard to data imports and programmatic code.The Dazeworks developers increased our resource capacity and enabled us to undertake projects that we previously would not have had resources for.”

Pavan Tadas

Pavan Tadas

Manager- Marketing

Indo Nissin Foods Pvt Ltd


Four and half red stars representing Clutch reviews of Dazeworks

“Our organization started the implementation of Salesforce from scratch and we were guided and supported at every level by all the members of the Dazeworks team.
It was a very pleasant experience to work with the knowledgeable and enthusiastic team at Dazeworks.”

Lakshmi Nair

Lakshmi Nair

Program Manager

Appario Retail Pvt Ltd


Four and half red stars representing Clutch reviews of Dazeworks

“The value Dazeworks team brought to the project was extremely important in the design and implementation stages. They provided guidance and expertise, time and again, on executing the project. Dazeworks is a great business partner in understanding the business environment and steering the project to closure.”

Russ Raddon, COO of EpicVue

Russ Raddon




Four and half red stars representing Clutch reviews of Dazeworks

“We were looking to do some fairly sophisticated configuration integration of our Salesforce platform to Community Cloud. Dazeworks provided the needed development at 20% of the cost compared to previous vendors.”

David Sevnson, President at Nitor Solutions INc.

David Svenson

President and Principal Consultant
Nitor Solutions Inc


Four and half red stars representing Clutch reviews of Dazeworks

“Dazeworks utilized their global locations to provide round the clock service, making up ground lost by a previous vendor. Their extensive Salesforce expertise, in addition to their accommodating attitude, makes them ideal for ongoing relationships.”
Average CSAT Rating in AppExchange 5 out of 5

Time Tested & Success Driven
Salesforce Implementation Process
Business Requirement Gathering
We will engage with your team to understand your goals, and identify key result areas, and bottlenecks/failures in the past. Voila! Your wishlist. And no, we are not going to wait for Santa, we’ll deliver it ourselves!
Architectural Planning
Our team of Salesforce certified consultants and expert architects will lay out the most suitable strategy to meet your business challenges. A strong foundation will help you stay relevant today and be ready for the future.
We will put the “Click not Code” feature of the Salesforce platform to test and fine tune the fields to perfectly fit your business needs. You will never miss out on that business critical data. Ever!
Data Migration
A robust data model supported by air tight integrations with third party applications to ensure that your old data is retained, de-duped and enriched from multiple systems. Thanks to our meticulous data cleansing.
Reporting & Dashboards
Actionable insights at your fingertips to help you see what’s working and what’s not, take adequate steps and be in full control of your people and processes. Talk about time saved and ROI on your Salesforce investment.
User Enablement Training
User training is often underplayed and turns out to be a party spoiler. But not when Dazeworks is your Salesforce implementation partner. All stakeholders will be fully empowered to use Salesforce to its fullest potential.
Ongoing Support Services
We’ll never leave you high and dry. Our ongoing Salesforce support services will ensure that your Salesforce keeps pace with your evolving business needs. Need full augmentation? Check out our Salesforce managed services.
Streamline your CRM with our expert Salesforce implementation service
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Salesforce Implementation Services for Modern Enterprises

We’ll never leave you high and dry. Our ongoing Salesforce support services will ensure that your Salesforce keeps pace with your evolving business needs. Need full augmentation? Check out our Salesforce managed services.

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