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Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud offers a seamless way to connect your constituents, organize programs and do more good. From our years of nonprofit cloud implementation services, we understand what it takes to build a unified platform and sustain meaningful relationships with your donors, volunteers and well-wishers.

From improving visibility across all programs to automating repetitive tasks to fostering better collaboration, we will work with you to ensure that technology is put to the best use so that your organization’s missions are realized faster and in a hassle free manner. If an accelerated implementation of nonprofit cloud with standard configurations isn’t good enough for your organization’s needs, then you can count on us to have a fully customized implementation reinforced with suitable add-on apps tailored to meet your specific needs.

Get Started on NPSP

Digitize your constituent relationship program within a few days, not weeks and months, by leveraging the out-of-the box capabilities of Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack. Be it migrating from NGOC to NPSP or getting started afresh, our team of NPSP experts will help you expand your operations and social impact.

Manage Your Programs

Stop relying on cumbersome paperwork and spreadsheets to run your programs. Enable your Program Managers with the most relevant insights on initiative success, take timely actions and elevate the overall experience of donors, volunteers and beneficiaries.

Fundraising Simplified

Build meaningful connections with your supporters and their network using a digital first fundraising solution. From cleaning supporters data to organizing virtual fundraising events to building highly personalized supporter journeys – all this can now be done by all constituencies in the most efficient way.

Forging Stronger Connections

Engage your supporters, members and volunteers with highly indulging experiences and build long-term relationships. Build deeper connections by targeting relevant stakeholder groups with the right information at the right time and measure the social impact effortlessly. 

Client Speak
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Ashish Srivastava, Lithium Urban Technologies
Ashish Srivastava

Head - Business Engineering and Program Management

Lithium Urban Technologies


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"We needed a custom model given that we are a startup. Dazeworks adapted to our requirements and worked as a partner — not just a vendor. Their commitment to partnership and ensuring success was the most impressive part."
Angela Adams, COO of Now It Matters
Angela Adams


Now IT Matters


Five red stars representing Clutch reviews
"Our initial goal was to triple our resource capacity with regard to data imports and programmatic code.The Dazeworks developers increased our resource capacity and enabled us to undertake projects that we previously would not have had resources for."
Pavan Tadas
Pavan Tadas

Manager- Marketing

Indo Nissin Foods Pvt Ltd


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"Our organization started the implementation of Salesforce from scratch and we were guided and supported at every level by all the members of the Dazeworks team. It was a very pleasant experience to work with the knowledgeable and enthusiastic team at Dazeworks."
Lakshmi Nair
Lakshmi Nair

Program Manager

Appario Retail Pvt Ltd


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"The value Dazeworks team brought to the project was extremely important in the design and implementation stages. They provided guidance and expertise, time and again, on executing the project. Dazeworks is a great business partner in understanding the business environment and steering the project to closure."
Russ Raddon, COO of EpicVue
Russ Raddon




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"We were looking to do some fairly sophisticated configuration integration of our Salesforce platform to Community Cloud. Dazeworks provided the needed development at 20% of the cost compared to previous vendors."
David Sevnson, President at Nitor Solutions INc.
David Svenson

President and Principal Consultant
Nitor Solutions Inc


Four and half red stars representing Clutch reviews of Dazeworks
"Dazeworks utilized their global locations to provide round the clock service, making up ground lost by a previous vendor. Their extensive Salesforce expertise, in addition to their accommodating attitude, makes them ideal for ongoing relationships."
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