Ideas Over Hierarchy

We give our team consistent ways of opening up - be it on ideas or on ways to improve. We champion the best ideas, irrespective of where they come from.

Be Curious

If you are unsure of something, the best way forward is to ask too many questions rather than not ask enough. There is always something out there that you do not know yet.

Enjoy the Journey

We give our heart and soul towards evolving a company culture that lets people be at their best, share similarities and celebrate differences.

Giving back to the Community

At Dazeworks, growth is not just the numbers, but is also reflected in our sustainability and social responsibility initiatives. through the Pledge 1% initiative.





  • Flexible Work Hours

    We trust our team to get the work done, even if that means an occasional work-from-home option.

  • Paid Volunteer Time

    Through recurring volunteer time sponsored by us, we give a chance to make a difference that extends beyond our services.

  • Learning & Development

    We offer you the option to enhance your skills and capabilities working on projects across various business groups.

  • Go Social

    We love hanging out together - be it at weekly happy hours, team lunches, parties or impromptu trips.

  • Maternity & Paternity Support

    We want parents feel confident and supported during the processes for maternity, paternity or adoption.

  • Work-life Balance

    We work hard to create an environment where our team can lead healthy, integrated lives.

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