We Are Dazeworks

We are pure-play Salesforce consultants who believe Salesforce is the answer to all the world’s problems except global warming. We started out with humble beginnings and while we still retain the humble part in the way we connect, our ordinary dream has grown into an extraordinary team of dreamers, believers and doers. We are your ally - the one who believes in the power of your dreams, embrace your vision and turns it into a collective obsession.

Our Values
Ideas Over Hierarchy
We give our team consistent ways of opening up - be it on ideas or on ways to improve. We champion the best ideas, irrespective of where they come from.
Be Curious
If you are unsure of something, the best way forward is to ask too many questions rather than not ask enough. There is always something out there that you do not know yet.
Enjoy the Journey
We give our heart and soul towards evolving a company culture that lets people be at their best, share similarities and celebrate differences.
Giving back to the Community
At Dazeworks, growth is not just the numbers, but is also reflected in our sustainability and social responsibility initiatives. through the Pledge 1% initiative.
Meet the Chief Ninja
Shivanath Devinarayanan
Salesforce MVP

Starting his own company had always been a dream for our CEO Shivanath Devinarayanan. And this was translated into reality with the setting up of Dazeworks. Shiv is one of the lucky few who gets to work on something for which he has a deep-rooted passion and that something is the Salesforce platform. The passion set in young, right from the moment he chose APEX over the popular C# as a career path and embarked on the road less travelled. This turned out to be the best decision he took. There has been no looking back since then.

Shiv is now a Salesforce.com MVP and his contributions to the Salesforce community do not end there. He also founded four Salesforce User Groups in India and currently leads the Salesforce Kerala Developer User Group. He is a speaker at global community events and a familiar face in discussion forums and mentorship circles. After a few short but satisfying stints in companies as a Salesforce developer and architect, he decided to take the plunge and work towards his dream – become an entrepreneur. And hence, the company Dazeworks! The team at Dazeworks is carefully hand-picked and shares his passion and drive toward transforming businesses and lives.

For more on Shiv’s Salesforce journey, here’s his Developer Success Story from Salesforce.

Shivanath Devinarayanan
Salesforce MVP
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