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Behind every brilliant product, there is a master-mind, who believes that innovation makes our world better. If you have a groundbreaking idea or have a prototype or a minimum viable product that you believe can grow into a revolutionary product, then we would love to partner with you. Using the awesomeness of the Salesforce platform, we will transform your idea into an extraordinary product and help you launch on AppExchange. We are specialists in end-to-end AppExchange app development; translating your thoughts to full-fledged apps. With unmatched experience and expertise in Salesforce development, we build Lightning ready applications that seamlessly serve their purpose. Our experts in Force.com help to develop customized and robust applications that integrate with the Salesforce platform perfectly.
Our expertise, solutions and engagement models are attuned to hand you a competitive edge in the market. We will put some serious skin in the game to help you ace the show. Hard to believe? Try our “pay in equity” engagement model exclusively crafted to empower ambitious product companies succeed on AppExchange. What are you waiting for? Drop us a note and let’s go ahead and change the world.

Architecture Blueprinting

We will draw inspiration from your vision for the product, evaluate the customer/competitive landscapes and lay down the strategic direction, roadmap and milestones to be achieved in building your app. This will give you a clear idea on what to expect and assure a top-notch output.

App Prototyping

With proficient App Prototyping, we make it easy for you to test the viability of any new idea. Creating a working model is always worth it in AppExchange app planning to iterate concepts and test the market.

UI & UX Optimization

Intelligible and interactive designs to deliver a compelling user experience and enhanced Salesforce adoption. Did we mention Lightning ready?

App Development & Packaging

We will put our name to test and build the epic product we promised you with careful attention on scalability, security and user-friendliness along with the right mix of managed/ unmanaged packages tailored to your distribution strategy.

Security Compliance Check

AppExchange is big on compliance. So are we. We will carefully review the code, run multiple levels of thorough scrutiny and give you a 100% secure and AppExchange compliant product.

Deployment & Maintenance

It’s time to show the world what we have proudly built. We will get your app listed and deployed on Salesforce AppExchange and continue to work with you to keep it up and running.

Client Speak
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Ashish Srivastava, Lithium Urban Technologies
Ashish Srivastava

Head - Business Engineering and Program Management

Lithium Urban Technologies


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"We needed a custom model given that we are a startup. Dazeworks adapted to our requirements and worked as a partner — not just a vendor. Their commitment to partnership and ensuring success was the most impressive part."
Angela Adams, COO of Now It Matters
Angela Adams


Now IT Matters


Five red stars representing Clutch reviews
"Our initial goal was to triple our resource capacity with regard to data imports and programmatic code.The Dazeworks developers increased our resource capacity and enabled us to undertake projects that we previously would not have had resources for."
Pavan Tadas
Pavan Tadas

Manager- Marketing

Indo Nissin Foods Pvt Ltd


Four and half red stars representing Clutch reviews of Dazeworks
"Our organization started the implementation of Salesforce from scratch and we were guided and supported at every level by all the members of the Dazeworks team. It was a very pleasant experience to work with the knowledgeable and enthusiastic team at Dazeworks."
Lakshmi Nair
Lakshmi Nair

Program Manager

Appario Retail Pvt Ltd


Four and half red stars representing Clutch reviews of Dazeworks
"The value Dazeworks team brought to the project was extremely important in the design and implementation stages. They provided guidance and expertise, time and again, on executing the project. Dazeworks is a great business partner in understanding the business environment and steering the project to closure."
Russ Raddon, COO of EpicVue
Russ Raddon




Four and half red stars representing Clutch reviews of Dazeworks
"We were looking to do some fairly sophisticated configuration integration of our Salesforce platform to Community Cloud. Dazeworks provided the needed development at 20% of the cost compared to previous vendors."
David Sevnson, President at Nitor Solutions INc.
David Svenson

President and Principal Consultant
Nitor Solutions Inc


Four and half red stars representing Clutch reviews of Dazeworks
"Dazeworks utilized their global locations to provide round the clock service, making up ground lost by a previous vendor. Their extensive Salesforce expertise, in addition to their accommodating attitude, makes them ideal for ongoing relationships."
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