Seamlessly Migrate from NGOC to NPSP

Salesforce has announced their plans to shut down NGO Connect a.k.a NGOC by early 2023. recommends that NGOC clients meeting certain criteria migrate to Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) to realize the full potential of the platform. Now is the right time for you to migrate to Salesforce NPSP.. With our experience in seamlessly migrating numerous nonprofits from NGOC to NPSP, we enable your organization to amplify ambassador programs, eliminate silos in fundraising campaigns, build a unified view of constituent relationships and much more.

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How We Work
Discovery Sessions
All our Salesforce engagements start with a customer centric discovery session. The objective here is to understand your business needs and challenges, and unearth insights that are mission critical to successfully migrate from NGOC to Salesforce NPSP. Most often this would extend over 2 - 4 interactive conversations with stakeholders from your team.
Org Assessment
We will thoroughly analyze your current processes and identify how it can be replicated in or improved with NPSP. After the org assessment, you will get a 360 degree view of
a) What to bring over to your new org
b) What to leave behind
c)What to newly develop.
We will also identify opportunities to optimize your org and make recommendations on functionality gaps found during the assessment.
Proposal Delivery
Based on your business needs and our findings during the discovery sessions and org assessment we will present a detailed NPSP migration roadmap to you. This will include an outline of deliverables from us, contributions expected from you, targeted milestones along with timelines and so on.
New Org Set Up
Migrating from NGOC to NPSP delivers a new home for your constituent relationship management and priceless data - a new Salesforce org. This requires mapping existing objects, both standard and custom, to relevant counterparts in the new org along with identifying custom code updates needed to repoint code references from NGOC to NPSP.
Business Guidance
Despite NGOC and NPSP being closely related, migrating to a new platform can present a few user adoption challenges. A combination of our NPSP implementation experts and Salesforce success programs will ensure excellent user adoption during the NGOC to NPSP migration.
Guidance Care Package
This is an optional yet highly recommended best practice wherein our team of NPSP experts will continuously work with you to ensure that you derive the best value from your migration. It becomes even more relevant to organizations that experienced low user adoption, data quality issues and less than optimal results during their NGOC days.
Why Choose Us for your NGOC to NPSP Migration

Our NPSP Success Team consists of certified experts with years of hard earned experience in both NGOC and NPSP. This perfect mix of skill sets and expertise will ensure a smooth and flawless transition.

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