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Migrating your existing data to Salesforce is more like the reimagining and re-shaping needed for old furniture when you move into a new home. You would think it would blend in, but then it just doesn’t look right in your new dream house. Similar is the story when it comes to moving business critical data from your existing system into Salesforce.

Migration of your data from existing legacy systems into a new or existing Salesforce environment is a crucial step. Our team provides a painless and user-friendly way of cleansing, organizing and de-duplicating your data, making it more manageable and simplified.

Depending on whether it’s your sales, marketing, finance or custom made application that needs to share data with Salesforce, our certified experts and strategists will help you choose the most scalable integration option.

With Dazeworks, you have access to the skills and experience of having worked with hundreds of Salesforce orgs. HIRE US
How We Work
Explore Current CRM
We’ll understand what information is important to your business, how is it structured, and the unique customizations required to add value to your data while moving to Salesforce. This would help us rank your priorities and chalk out the migration roadmap.
Data Mapping
We’ll create an Entity Relationship Document that will help to visualize the table structure, data type and record counts. From here, mapping of the data fields of old data to relevant fields in Salesforce becomes a lot easier and accurate.
Salesforce Considerations
To successfully import your data we need to have a lock on record ownership, access privileges, what happens to data of ex-employees & inactive users, security settings etc. This will ensure that we do not miss out on any of your old data while migrating to Salesforce.
Sandbox Import & Demo
An initial batch of data will be moved into a test environment to check for mapping accuracy and data integrity. You can check for any deviations and we’ll have them addressed in a jiffy. All of this without touching your live CRM until you give us a big YES to do live import
Full Data Import
Based on the revisions to data models and field mapping in the Sandbox testing, we’ll import all your CRM data to Salesforce. We’ll be using airtight scripting and suitable data loaders to ensure the safety and integrity of your data at its new home.
Client Validation & Go-Live
One final check from our side and the system is all yours. We’ll wait for you to validate the success and we remain friends forever.
Why Choose Our Salesforce Migration Services?

With Dazeworks, you have access to the skills and experience of having worked with hundreds of Salesforce orgs.

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