Crack the Code Workshop – A Great Start at Dazeworks

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Crack the Code Workshop – A Great Start at Dazeworks

Posted by Shruti Sridharan

I’ve just got out of another great training session by Deepak K Anand and it’s got me thinking of how much I’ve progressed from when I’ve started out as a trainee at Dazeworks. All the sessions till date have helped me hone my skills to a great extent.

We started our training with the basics of Cloud Computing, its various concepts and different modes of services like SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, MBaaS. We also touched upon the concept of Web Server and Web Browser, GET() and POST() HTTP Verbs, leading up to how a web page is processed over the Internet. My internet browsing experience will never be the same again! 🙂

We then went on to the best practices that need to be followed while Coding like indenting your code, increasing the readability of your code and making the code user-friendly.  We learnt about vertical alignment, indentation, correct usage of white spaces etc. These sessions essentially told us how to produce a readable and user-friendly code. At the end of the ‘Coding Best Practices‘ session, there was even a friendly quiz which we cleared with flying colors.

We then started with the basics of HTML. We learned several tags in HTML and also few HTML5 tags and attributes. Then we stepped into CSS and how to create classes according to our what we need.  We also learned to use Bootstrap Design Framework that is key to creative more attractive and responsive Web Pages. Small tasks were given to us for practise based on HTML, CSS and Bootstrap which helped us to get a clear understanding of all that  we learned.

Armed with this strong foundation on HTML, CSS and Bootstrap, we moved onto vanilla JavaScript which is a scripting language. We developed interactive pages with the help of JavaScript. We learned about many selectors, getting value from them, linking JavaScript with HTML etc. We also practised lot of coding to understand the use of loops.

After this, we started jQuery Tutorials with the help of Code Academy and found out how to use the selectors in jQuery. We also had a great time converting all the JavaScript codes created earlier into jQuery.

Once we finished HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery, we started designing several applications based on these technologies such as, a Basic Calculator, Tic Tac Toe game, Dot Game and Brick Game.

We designed a Calculator using the Bootstrap Grid System and used jQuery for its functionalities.To get more exposure to jQuery and JavaScript, we also designed a Tic Tac Toe game using CSS and Bootstrap. Once we were comfortable with jQuery, we started designing more complex games like The Dot Game. This was also designed with the help of CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery. The game is a 10-second timed one in which the player has to hover his mouse over the dots which keep changing their position every time they are hovered over. The aim of the game is to hover the mouse over the most number of dots to earn the maximum points. We later developed a Brick game, inspired by the traditional Brick game in which the player has to protect his car from the randomly falling cars.

All these activities gave us great practice in these technologies and helped us  gain confidence in using them as well. As you can imagine, we had a great time developing these games, not just because they were fun, but more so because they were extremely challenging.

Here’s looking forward to more fun and more tips in future sessions also!