Lightning Voice – Say Hello to the Next Level of Customer Experience

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Lightning Voice – Say Hello to the Next Level of Customer Experience

Posted by Soumini Vidyasagar

Every year Salesforce – the comprehensive, unified CRM platform – comes up with a brand new idea to achieve more customer reach. This year too, we weren’t disappointed as Salesforce had finally found a solution to fill that last bit of gap between the salespeople and customers with the introduction of the Lightning Voice in Sales Cloud.
As per a random survey, salespeople wanted something more to reach out to their customers more promptly. Salesforce has granted their wish by delivering the Lightning Voice to Sales Cloud that can connect you to your customers like never before. Let’s see how this feature can guarantee you better productivity:

  • Lightning Voice is a call-enabling feature within the Sales Cloud. Once you create a lead, a contact or account, you can call them directly with the help of Sales Cloud Lightning with a simple click. You can even receive calls from your customers and the Incoming Calls show a list of all related activities.
  • In order to close the deal in your favor, you need to have all the customer data at your fingertips. Lightning Voice can help you talk to your customer, at the same time show you all the relevant data related to the deal. So now you have all the necessary data ready on your screen, while you are on the call with your customer.
  • Forget about the hassle of finding a pen and paper to take down notes. You can do that on your Sales Cloud and automatically log these notes against the call record when your on line with your customer.
  • Not just that, all the communications you have with the customers – including call history and call notes – are not just accessible to you and your sales team. Anyone engaging with that record can access the data to provide a whole new level of customer engagement.

If Salesforce is coming up with a new tool, they definitely aim to deliver the best experience to their customers. There is no looking back with Salesforce. Get in touch with us if you need any help in knowing how to make your business smoother with Lightning Voice.