Gear Up Everyone! Dreamforce ‘16 is happening soon!

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Gear Up Everyone! Dreamforce ‘16 is happening soon!

Posted by Aditya Pavan Vempati

Its back! Every techie’s dream event is back with a bang! And this time it is guaranteed to leave you in awe. Don’t believe us? Let’s show you how:

  • Every year Dreamforce provides an interactive platform for who’s who of the industry to share their awe-inspiring success stories. This year is no different (only better) as the event has lined up some amazing keynote speakers such as Marc Benioff himself, Melinda Gates (Co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation), Deborah Dugan (CEO, (RED)), astronauts from NASA Captains Mark Kelly & Scott Kelly and many more. All of them will share inspiring stories on how they did it and why you should do it too!
  • Dreamforce is not just another business summit where you have to sit through hours of lectures after lectures among boring no-nonsense faces. Dreamforce is all about learning and sharing the best practices through 2000+ sessions by experts, hands-on experience and training. The Cloud Expo showcases all of Salesforce solutions and you can get your questions answered directly from product experts at the Circle of Success.
  • Dreamforce‘16 is definitely not “all work and no play”. Guess who’s in store to make you groove? The best-selling music artists in history, U2! The Irish rock band that has 22 Grammy’s to boast about will make sure you let your hair down and enjoy the unforgettable night.
  • There’s nothing happier than seeing that smile on a child’s face. Last year, Dreamforce gave away more than one million books to schools and libraries around the world for children in need. This year is no different. There’s going to be a lot more opportunities to make that big difference in their lives.
  • Dreamforce ‘16 supports the cause in creating a greener planet by conserving resources, sourcing responsibly, reducing waste and offsetting the carbon emission on-site.

Still not ready to leave your desk and go for the event? Alright, let’s show you how attending this paradise of an event can prove to be an advantage to your company:

  • Dreamforce can guarantee you a great platform for learning. Here you can learn how to get your company into your customer’s permanent good books. After all, a company’s success is measured by their customer’s satisfaction. Dreamforce gives you more ideas on how to increase customer satisfaction, productivity, customer retention and your ROI.
  • At Dreamforce, you will learn to grow. Learning about the Sales Cloud through various interactive sessions and the Cloud Expo will give you a clear-cut picture on how to close deals from anywhere, anytime. This is why we say Dreamforce can help you take your sales to the next level!
  • Dreamforce provides you with an opportunity to network and interact with so many luminaries and thinkers as well as with your peers. It is a great way to make new contacts, which is always good for any business.

These reasons are more than enough to say that Dreamforce ’16 is hands down going to be one of those rare events that will leave you enlightened and provide you with knowledge and information for life. So what are you waiting for? Mark the dates Oct 4th to 7th on your calendar and book your flights to San Francisco right NOW! See you there!