What is AppExchange Chat and how ISVs can benefit from it?

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What is AppExchange Chat and how ISVs can benefit from it?

Posted by Seethu Maria Mathew

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The impact of the pandemic on customer engagement is paramount. Face-to-face meetings turned into a luxury, massive events had a virtual overhaul and what not!  And yet, there is no slow down in terms of customer expectations. Customers continuously ask for lightning speed response, and there is no room for uncertainty. This is exactly what’s bugging ISVs this year. It has been immensely challenging for ISVs to nurture customer relationships in these brutally challenging times. They have asked for a solution to replace event demand generation and a way to promote more human-to-human interactions. To cater to these needs, Salesforce AppExchange has now introduced AppExchange Chat which helps in prompt interactions with buyers visiting AppExchange listings. 

What is AppExchange Chat?

AppExchange Chat is a live chat product powered by Qualified that enables  you to interact with visitors on your AppExchange listing in real time. AppExchange Chat gives a human touch to your AppExchange profile.  Not only does it allow you to have a personal conversation with your prospective buyer, you can even make a call directly from the chat box and book a meeting in case you wish to move the call to some other day. So what if you couldn’t attend an in-person Dreamforce event this year? As an ISV, AppExchange Chat  will certainly be a game changer in sourcing qualified leads and lead conversions!

How does AppExchange Chat Benefit ISVs?

  • Helps in generating more leads and pipeline
  • Connect with your customers in real time
  • Round-the-clock lead conversion
  • Full visibility into your AppExchange listing’s visitors


You can buy AppExchange Chat at an annual cost of  $15,000 USD. It’s billed annually and hence once it’s implemented on your AppExchange listing, it’ll run for 12 consecutive months. 

Who can access it?

AppExchange Chat can be accessed by ISV and Consulting listings. Check out the partners who are participating in the pilot version here. 

How can ISVs get the most out of AppExchange Chat?

AppExchange is a powerful tool to generate leads and acts as a foundation for many ISVs to get ahead in this massive universe that is the Salesforce ecosystem. Now that you have invested in this golden tool, it’s time to drive customer conversations in real time. Your customers are not talking to a chatbot but a real person, so start by hiring a sales rep who is well versed with the target market. Make sure they are always on the lookout for visitors and be available for proactive buyer interactions rather than waiting for leads to knock on the door. 

#1 Leverage Salesforce Data to maximize engagement

With the Salesforce platform as the foundation, it’s not difficult to source relevant data from leads or accounts or any opportunity for that matter. This information can be further routed to suitable sales reps for further nurturing. 

#2 Boil down listing visitors who matter the most

The AppExchange Chat provides a live stream of the visitors who are currently going through your listing and arranges them in priority as programmed based on various criteria.

You can prioritize your visitors based on these categories

  • Company demographics

AppExchange Chat will notify you of the target companies which fit your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile List). This can be based on the company size or number of employees. Once they land on your AppExchange listing, you should swoop in to make a lasting impression.

  • ABM target accounts 

You may already have identified key ABM target accounts which the AppExchange Chat will pick once they browse through your listing. Since your marketing team has done an in depth study on their line of business and services, it will be easier for your sales team to connect with them and make them understand your product benefits.

  • Active leads

These are leads which already have shown interest in your product and have been captured into your sales funnel. Focus on booking a meeting with them. Utilize AppExchange Chat to move them further by directly addressing their name and other details you already have.

#3 Make use of shortcuts

Short responses are scripted responses which are commonly used by your entire sales team. These responses help them be quick in action and deliver a killer opening line to hold the attention of the visitor. It’s best to conduct a test on what response works best for a particular set of questions and design the AppExchange program accordingly.

Also use emojis to bring that real human essence just like we use to chat on other social media platforms. Make it loud and clear that you are indeed a real person!

#4 Wait for the right time to use the voice call

Voice calls definitely take your sales conversations to the next level. This is a great way to instill trust  and confidence in your prospects. Also, this can help you qualify or reject your listing visitors. The right time to use voice calls are when your customer asks you more intriguing questions regarding the pricing structure or complex product details. In this case, invite them for a voice call for more detailed discussions. 

#5 Book a meeting within AppExchange Chat messenger

Irrespective of the bells and whistles AppExchange Chat provides, your main aim is to close the deals! Make sure to wrap up every (fruitful) conversation with an invite for the next meeting. The meeting booker is totally transparent and hence gives both parties clarity on when they are available. This way, you can always catch up with the customers without going into stalker mode. 

Have additional questions? Set a 1:1 meeting with our AppExchange team to know more about AppExchange Chat and discuss how you can use this invaluable product to drive sales.


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