AI For Everyone through Salesforce Einstein

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AI For Everyone through Salesforce Einstein

Posted by Pooja Prakash J

Imagine you own a mobile handset company that runs its business on a CRM and the CRM does this for you:

  • Your Leads were scored automatically letting you know the right fit with whom you can potentially start doing business.
  • The next steps that need to be taken to nurture a Lead were suggested automatically.
  • Cases were routed to the right agents automatically.
  • You were automatically given suggestions for the best set of configurations for the phone that your company will be releasing next year.

Yes, the word “automatically” was there in every use case and it was there for a purpose. This is nothing short of Artificial Intelligence.
I am sure it is a lot more easier if asked whether you remember a James Cameron film that introduced a cyborg called “Terminator”. Or what Del Spooner in I, Robot was behind and last but not the least “The Matrix” saga! Yup, these are some of the many Hollywood movies that introduced Artificial Intelligence in one form or the other. This is now no longer fiction, but a reality coming to your office and to your desks!
This year, Salesforce announced its new initiative, Salesforce Einstein, described as not only providing artificial intelligence (AI) for every company, but as creating the world’s smartest customer relationship management (CRM) software. It is blended into every corner of the whole CRM product – Sales, Service, Marketing, IoT, you name it!
a. Sales
The artificial intelligence in Sales Cloud Einstein results in the following possibilities:

  • Help close deals faster and automate processes giving reps more time to build
    1:1 relationships.
  • Predict outcomes or hiccups giving sales teams better insights that build human relationships, an area where sales reps far excel beyond machine capabilities.

b. Service
With Service Cloud Einstein, companies, big or small will be able to deploy a connected customer service experience that is predictive, automated and intelligent, bringing AI to the top.

  • Automatic Case Routing allows agents to focus on fewer, more involved cases that benefit from the personal touch.
  • With the ‘New Recommended Responses’, customers can quickly get the right answers to their questions
  • ‘New Predictive Close Time’ helps your support team route, escalate and prioritize work by predicting the time needed to resolve an issue.

c. Marketing
With Marketing Cloud Einstein, marketers now have the ability to shift away from using analytics that only look at past behavior to that which predict the optimal timing, channel, content and audience for any marketing message.

  • With Intelligent Scoring, marketers can predict how likely customers will be to engage with an email, unsubscribe from an email list, or make a web purchase.
  • With predictive audiences, marketers can take action on Predictive Scores and filter out the right set of customers analyzing your data.

Like Albert Einstein said “The only source of knowledge is experience”, the AI within Salesforce constantly learns from your data, analyses it and ensures that you get the most out of it!