Dazeworks Hits Platinum – The Big Just Got Bigger

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Dazeworks Hits Platinum – The Big Just Got Bigger

Posted by Dazeworks

There are some milestones in a company’s history that will always stand out and held dear in the hearts of the team behind it. For us at Dazeworks, today is one such day – a time for celebration and more importantly of gratitude and appreciation. Today, we have joined the ranks of some amazing partners in the Salesforce ecosystem as a Platinum Consulting Partner. You know what, maybe we should do that in caps – PLATINUM CONSULTING PARTNER!!!!! This elevates us from the previous Silver tier by two levels – a jump that we are incredibly proud of.

Has it been easy? No.

Has it been satisfying? YES!!

The Dazeworks Journey

Looking back on our journey from when we started out in 2015 as a small team with big dreams, it is moments like today’s that make it all worthwhile. As a consulting partner for Salesforce in India, Sri Lanka and globally, we had our work cut out for us to clear the criteria for achieving the next level. We are proud to say that our team at Dazeworks has shown the true meaning of teamwork – be it sales meetings, demo sessions, certification runs, group study nights (with pizza, of course), project delivery, training or customer value enhancement. What started out as a RoadtoGold eventually moved on to a RoadtoPlatinum and soon became an ingrained practice with only excellence and success in mind.

A Partner Ecosystem Calibrated for Success

The Salesforce partner team in India has been a bedrock of our success. A huge shoutout to the team of Account Executives, Partner Executives and Operations team who have always been hands-on whenever we needed their support. You all are true Kingmakers! Our gratitude list would be incomplete if we did not give a special mention to Mariya Flora from the Salesforce Partner Team, South India. 

Lessons from #RoadtoPlatinum

Our journey to Platinum has reinforced the following in our hearts and minds.

  1. No dream is too big 
  2. Salesforce success stories in India are on the rise
  3. Ohana always has your back

Our Success is Not Just Ours

Last but not the least, we would like to say a huge thank you to our customers and partners who have placed their trust in us. Thank you for always keeping us on our toes and giving us the opportunity to constantly push our limits. 

What’s Next? 

So what does this mean for our customers? For starters, you can be rest assured that you had always made the right choice when going with us as a partner for your Salesforce project. We humbly believe that the Platinum recognition reinforces our continued focus on service quality and agility throughout all our engagements. In times when quick turnarounds are the need of the hour for project delivery, our proven experience in delivering large scale implementations can serve as an alternative to the complexities and inflexibility of working with consulting giants. Our shiny new Platinum badge will drive us to carry on giving our best for all our engagements. 

The journey doesn’t end here, in fact it has just begun! We hope you continue to support us on what we have planned ahead! Stay tuned!