3 Real World Examples of Salesforce Field Service Lightning in Action

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3 Real World Examples of Salesforce Field Service Lightning in Action

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – managing a field service team is not an easy feat without an automated system. It takes a lot of coordination to make it work – be it scheduling resources, creating work orders, keeping track of inventory, or addressing customer issues. Field Service Lightning, an extension of Service Cloud is now adopted among numerous industries, which includes retail, healthcare, public utilities and transportation, telecommunications, manufacturing, waste management, financial services, professional services and so much more! This clearly signals a massive shift in the way the Field Service teams are aiming to bolster customer experience irrespective of industries or service offerings. In this blog, we’ll discuss three use case examples of Salesforce Field Service Lightning & how FSL can help empower field service providers in different business sectors. 

Examples of Salesforce Field Service Lightning

Example Use Case  #1

A water purifier manufacturer who facilitates water purifier installations and maintenance in residential buildings, corporates, schools, and so on. The team consists of experienced project managers, field technicians, and other administrative staff. 


Increased difficulty in coordinating work orders between field service staff and dispatchers.

How can FSL help?

With FSL in place, the managers can dispatch the field executives and enable them with real-time data on the go. With Salesforce being their central hub for all their service needs, they can now easily streamline operations and optimize the dispatching process. Be it scheduling, getting customer service history or resolving the case itself, it can all be done within one platform powered by Service Cloud capabilities. Now field technicians can access available appointments, manage routes and get a proper understanding of what issues need to be addressed. This helps them in increasing their productivity and truly work as an extension of their company. 

Example Use Case # 2:

An electronic retail chain that sells home appliances such as TV, home theatres, refrigerators, washing machines and so on. Their team of technicians, admins and store managers overlook installation and maintenance work orders on a day-to-day basis. 


Manually managing and planning service visits while receiving so many incoming orders turned out to be ineffective and an extremely costly affair for the store. Also, the customers did not get any instant feedback regarding repairs and the current status of the particular issue or when the technician would arrive for the repair.

How can FSL help?

Now the store managers can get a birds eye view of all the details regarding their field technician – what are their available slots, what issue did they fix, how much time did they spend on the case, customer feedback  etc. 

Example Use Case #3

A furniture manufacturer and dealer 


The company struggled with complex logistics and inefficiencies in resource allocation. The customer details were entered manually  outside of their current CRM. Existing basic processes were not enough to keep up with their rapid business expansion.

How can FSL help?

By integrating FSL with their existing systems, they now access all important data, schedules, inventory, customer details etc.They can now stay connected on the job, regardless of their current location. They now spend less time on logistics and more time on providing excellent customer service using fully automated, paperless tools.


Field service is not just about a successful installation or a repair outcome anymore. Delivering seamless, end-to-end customer service is paramount for a service provider to be a key player in their industry. With its ability to completely automate workflows coupled with power-packed features of Salesforce, FSL is well placed to revolutionize the field service space.

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