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Why Use Omni-channel In Salesforce

Posted by : Arulmozhi Ravi

Why Use Omni-channel In Salesforce

We all know what customer service is. But how can we take our customer service to the next level? What happens to our Cases, chats and who supports it? There were times, the agents had to look into the list, select a Case and reassign ownership to begin the work. But what happens if the agents selected a low priority Case compared to those of higher priority? What if the same agent consistently works on more complex Cases? The concept of Omni channel brings out the solution for all this.

What “Assignment Rules” Lacked

Lead Assignment Rules will change the owner of a newly created or reassigned Lead based on a set of rules defined by the Administrator. Leads and Cases are assigned to users or put into queues as they are created manually. Typically, an organization will have one rule for each purpose. For each rule type, only one rule can be in effect at any time and circumstances. Now, that is all good but these Assignment Rules lack some key features. It cannot take into consideration various aspects such as the Skillsets of the Owner, his or her current Bandwidth etc. Most importantly these are available only for Leads and Cases. Ouch! That’s too restrictive.

Welcome – “Omni-Channel”

Salesforce offers a customer service feature that intelligently routes records to agents. It does this based on availability and access to queues. The Omni Presence and Routing takes care of all this. Once configured, Omni-Channel will push records to your agents through a footer component in the Service Console.

The number of records that can be routed via omni channel regardless of the object can be decided through configuration. So, if you have Cases coming in that take more time than others, you can set them to take up more of your agent’s capacity.

Omni channel is a widget that appears in the bottom footer of the screen and is silent until a new work item is routed. The widget pops up when new record hits. We can accept or decline the work and state the reason for the decline. The agent also has a privilege to make himself available or busy. The agents who online receive the new work and the away status indicates that the agent is unavailable to accept a new work.

We can find how much time an agent spends on a Case. We also need to make sure how many Cases the agents have declined and how long they have worked. But how do we know? Well, it is very simple. You can just create a dashboard or run a report based on the Agent Work object.

Learn More About Omni-Channel

It goes without saying that Omni-channel outweighs Assignment Rules in multiple aspects. I would refer to Omni-channel as “Assignment Rules on Steroids” and would highly recommend to try and implement the same to avail it’s true potential. Take a look at this link – to know more about Omni-Channel.

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