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Why is Sales Cloud Good for your Business

Posted by : Subhashini Uppalapati & Manjari Vemparala

Companies today are looking for ways to get ahead or stay ahead of their competition. It is about identifying, selling, and managing your prospects and customers to reach your sales objectives. It might seem straightforward, but it requires a thoughtful effort to determine how best to develop and implement your sales strategies, successful lead generation, customer tracking and interaction and monitoring the progress from lead to quote to sale. You need a solution that supports and responds to the needs of the business and allows for a flexible and adaptive platform that can change as your business changes.

What is Sales Cloud?

The Sales Cloud can support your business objectives whether you are looking for a solution to provide basic customer/contact management and activity tracking or a more robust sales pipeline, quoting and contract management solution. The efficiencies achieved by implementing our Sales Cloud solution will allow your sales team to focus on identifying and bringing in business. Your sales team will work more efficiently while your executives are provided with real-time information for making more informed and quicker business decisions.

With Sales Cloud, your marketing, sales, sales support and management personnel work as a cohesive team collaborating to win new customers, develop new relationships and retain existing customers with the benefits of:

  • A clear customer and pipeline management process
  • More effective lead generation and tracking
  • Standardized quoting and pricing capability
  • Faster access to information related to customers and opportunities
  • Support of key business workflow processes to streamline and automate

Our Sales Cloud solution can incorporate both standard and custom functionality to help make your business successful including;

  • Customer Management – Easily set appointments, tasks and reminders for each customer. Prioritize meetings by customer location (reduce travel time), importance (top 10 accounts) or outstanding lead (large dollar amount). All activities are automatically organized daily for the sales rep.
  • Opportunity/Pipeline Management– Manage your opportunity pipeline with visual reports summarizing the volume of potential business in each stage from prospecting to quoting to closing while providing the basis for accurate forecasting. With the new Salesforce Quotes application fully integrated, forecasting becomes even more quantitative and precise increasing the reliability of the information.
    • Accounting / Back Office Integration – Leverage a variety of AppExchange products to integrate your Back Office applications or build a custom integration to respond to specific needs or capabilities.
    • Quoting and Proposal Generation – Utilize the ability to setup your product catalog and price books to generate custom quotes and proposals using information already captured in
    • Reporting & Dashboards – Provide your sales reps with concise snapshots of real-time information so they can manage their goals and results:  actual sales vs. quota, 10 top opportunities in the process, gross profit by product line, customer calls made and much more.
    • Chatter – Bring instant collaboration and cooperation to your sales organization by keeping your colleagues informed about opportunities, accounts, proposals, support cases and more while sharing important documents 
    • – Gives you unlimited access to millions of complete, current and accurate business contacts. A great source for quality leads by industry segment.
    • Marketing and Leads – Synchronize marketing and sales with the Sales Cloud app. In addition, utilize or your own campaigns to generate quality leads across all channels, from lead capture to close.
    • Approvals and Workflows – Control routine activities, eliminate redundant tasks and automate approvals. Now, the momentum of your sales efforts is not impeded and productivity escalates since sales reps can spend more time selling.
    • Email and Productivity – Save time by developing email templates for routine communications while integrating Sales Cloud with the apps you use every day like Outlook and Google Apps.
    • Content Library – Create, catalog and store presentations, subscription feeds, important documents and more for easy retrieval for sharing by your sales and marketing team.
    • Mobile – Create a virtual office anywhere on your mobile device! Log calls, respond to leads, review reports and collaborate using Chatter. Productivity soars by always being in touch.

There is clearly no doubt in saying that Salesforce is running as a storm in this technological arena. Because of the way it satisfies customers and provides one of the best CRM ever it is the most chosen platform to many companies ranging from big turnovers to small scale industries.

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