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Why do Businesses need Community Cloud?

Posted by : Vrinda J Menon

In the present scenario, the main aim of businesses is to stay connected with their customers, employees and partners. Community Cloud can centralize all of these individual stakeholders into one community to benefit your business. Directly connect with customers, increase partner success and drive employee productivity like never before with Salesforce Community Cloud.

Multiple communities can be easily created, accessed for specific needs and customized to represent any brand since the Community Cloud is built on the all-powerful Salesforce platform. You can personalise each customer’s experience to their specific interests. Customers can search the community to find information quickly and ask the community for answers they need. Channel partners can close deals faster by easily accessing experts and managing leads right within the community. Your employees can increase productivity by sharing insights and files instantly!

How does it help Different Industries?

Marketing teams can collaborate with agencies to streamline their campaign creation and gather feedback from potential customers. Manufacturers are able to manage distribution by monitoring in-store promotions and placements. Doctors can share their expertise helping patients get the very best care and patients are able to access the community from anywhere. The Community Cloud social intelligence automatically creates topics. This way users can instantly access discussions, files and experts on the topic they care about and endorse each other for important contributions. Community managers have the ability to create custom badges to incentivizing ward members for their participation. Built-in dashboards help measure community success and can create a community of action within the Community Cloud from Salesforce!

How is Community Cloud Different from Sales and Service?

Salesforce community for sales privately and securely connects you with partners from any industry to grow more channel revenue by letting them collaborate with each other to help win more deals for your company. You can create a community in seconds, brand it to your company, customize to your business prophecies and connect it to all the key players. You can even create multiple communities with ease. Want to customize your website to attract new partners? Simple! Your community helps you track performance across channels aligned with partners through shared dashboards. Approve marketing funds, collaborate on campaigns, share leads and drive deal registrations, giving partners all the information they need to be the competition. Easily connect to grow more channel revenue!

Salesforce community for service transforms the self-service experience in A grading portals and discussion groups into one collaborative community. If a customer has a question, they can click the support tab in your app, Facebook page or mobile site. Service Cloud automatically monitors all your customer needs. Agents can immediately respond right inside the community in real time. Customers can also collaborate leaving feedback about their experience helping others and can even vote on ideas for new products and services. Want to set up premier communities to better serve your higher value customers? Done! In the Salesforce Community Cloud, they can follow important topics and experts from other premier members and see tailored promotions. They can even find their own dedicated concierge increasing customer satisfaction while driving down case volume. Connect with your customers in a whole new way!

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