Get the most out of TDX and Bengaluru

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Get the most out of TDX and Bengaluru

Posted by Soumya Manikkath

Any Salesforce developer you talk to will have a bucket list of events that they dream of attending and speaking at. Two events that always figure at the top of this list are Dreamforce – the annual 4-day Salesforce event for all Salesforce lovers and TrailheadX – the annual, 2-day developer event with a target audience of Salesforce developers. For developers in India, the TDX dream gets an all-new and equally exciting counterpart in Bengaluru with TrailheadX India this week. In the words of Sunil Jose, Senior VP and COuntry Leader, Salesforce India “ After the US, India is home to the second highest number of Trailblazers learning and earning Salesforce skills and badges on Trailhead.” With such widespread acceptance and passion for Salesforce among the Indian developer ecosystem, it is only natural that TDX gets an India edition.

The Salesforce ecosystem in India is expected to create 548,400 new jobs and $67 billion in new business revenues in India from 2019 through 2024, according to a new research by International Data Corporation (IDC). This is not just a statistic, but is also reflective of the rising passion that the Indian community has shown for the platform. This is the very same passion that has driven Salesforce teams to bring TDX to India. Special shoutout to Kavindra Patel for making this a reality!! So what does TDX India really bring to the table for attendees and the Indian community? We are glad you asked!

What to watch out for at TDX India?

Sessions, sessions and more sessions/ Sessions Dhamaka

Expert speaker sessions are the lifeblood of any developer oriented event. And TDX has over 100+ of them! This means attendees can immerse themselves in technical sessions, demos and hands-on workshops. Get ready to put on your thinking caps and get your hands dirty – be it with clicks or code.

These sessions led by Salesforce engineers and product experts covers topics such as Apex and Application Design, Salesforce Einstein, API and Data Integration, Analytics and Reporting, Security and Identity, Heroku, Mulesoft, Lightning Web Components and many more.

Connect with your Trailblazer family

This is your chance to connect with that online mentor who helped you with your latest #askforce query. Or click a selfie with a mentor or community trailblazer you look up to! Or just going ahead and making new friends in the Salesforce community at the Trailblazer Community Cove. A community event is one of the best places to meet like-minded people who are equally excited about adding to their networks.

Whistle Podu

The magic ingredient of all Salesforce events – a generous dose of fun! TrailheadX India has lined up a never-ending mix of everything delightful and exciting for attendees. This ranges from TrailheadX Quest where you can win cool prizes, Tree of Gratitude, Trailmojis, photo opps and an epic party to end the day!

Giving back at TDX19

Opportunities to give back are a part of the Salesforce DNA. TDX19 throws open a number of initiatives such as Kids Coding Camp, donations and non-profit partnerships. If you are wondering what your next good deed is, this is a great way to do your bit.

10 Tips to make this your Best Salesforce Event Yet

  • Your feet need to make it through the day and the next. Make sure you have sensible footwear that can keep you up and running around – literally.
  • Salesforce events have been adopting green initiatives for a while now. The ban on single use plastic water bottles at the event is one such initiative. 
  • You will be asked to show a government-issued photo ID when picking up your badge.
  • Allow enough time for a mandatory security screening at the event and plan your entry times accordingly.
  • Event arrangements include a dedicated prayer room for your needs.
  • The venue also provides a parent’s room for attendees with li’l trailblazers.
  • TDX Abilityforce volunteers will be available to cater to differently abled attendees. You just need to watch for the volunteers with the Abilityforce tag.
  • Cloak rooms are available for your coat and bag check.
  • As with any event, the dress code asks for business casuals – comfort is key.
  • You wouldn’t need heavy woolens but carry a light jacket, especially for the nights, which tend to get chilly.

Extended Weekend in Bengaluru

Now that you are in the Garden City, you might as well go one step further and extend your stay to the weekend. Bangalore is the city of dreams for many and has something for everyone. Wondering how to spend your weekend? Here are a few must-do things.
Sightseeing – If you are new to the city, then there are a few tourist hotspots that any wannabe guide would recommend. Lal Bagh, Cubbon Park, Tipu’s Summer Palace, Nandi Temple and Bannarghetta Biological Park. Choose your spots and make the most of your weekend there.

Shopping – Take a trip around neighbourhoods like Chikpet, Johnson Market, Russel Market to experience Bengaluru in all its local glory.

Dining – Try the Kannadiga Natti Oota or traditional Kannadiga cuisine for a taste of the real Bengaluru cuisine. 

Places to Visit Nearby – If Bengaluru does not satisfy the wanderlust in you, there are a number of equally good spots near the city. Take a trip to Mysore, Chikmanglur or Hampi. Even better, travel a few hundred kilometres more to our hometown for Dazeworks – Kochi. We would love to say hi and welcome you to the city. Will we see you at TDX 19?