Safeguard your Salesforce Org from Accidental E2C Email Loops

An email loop is essentially an infinite loop of emails exchanged between Salesforce and the Email Client. Salesforce has established necessary barriers to both detect and limit such an email loop. If there are more than fifteen emails from the same sender with the same subject line in a span of sixty seconds, a LIMIT EXCEEDED fault is thrown and the administrator is notified. This restriction has its own disadvantages. Imagine a handful of cases created spontaneously. This can spawn a series of auto response rules or workflows set up on the Case object. Besides polluting the Case object in Salesforce, it also spams the client inbox, adversely affecting business.

There are apps like Email to Case Premium in the AppExchange that helps protect Orgs from email loops. But these are designed to handle other important functionalities and features around Email to Case as opposed to just email loop protection. Clients wanting to restrict the email loop are forced to go with such expensive apps.

Our solution is a free Lightning Experience friendly app that will solely help to manage and restrict the email loop problem and works with almost all the editions out there.

Key Features

Lightning Ready App

With organizations shifting to Lightning, you have an app that is lightning experience friendly and delivers a consistent user experience as you make the move from Classic to Lightning..

Manage and Restrict the Email Loop Problem

You will no longer face the hassle of “email loop” that occurs around the Email-to-Case setup in Salesforce.

Free and Niche App

With expensive apps like Email to Case Premium already out there, E2C Loop Protection is a free app that caters to a niche functionality of email loop protection.

Works with Your Salesforce Editions

E2C App is available for install on Professional, Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited and Developer editions

Finer Control over Settings

You choose control over settings like “action to take”, “the users who will be notified” and “the number of previous or old emails”

Mass Delete Flagged Cases

The app settings provide you options to delete flagged Cases in mass using native Case List Views.

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