Top 7 Salesforce Winter ’21 Release Highlights

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Top 7 Salesforce Winter ’21 Release Highlights

Posted by Seethu Maria Mathew

It seems like only yesterday we had the Salesforce Summer’20 release! And here we are, all ears for Winter as this is that time of the year where Salesforce unboxes it’s next set of cool features and functionalities for all the Admins and Developers out there. 

To help you get a grip on the Winter’21 release, we’ve come up with a round-up blog on some of the best features you need to lay your eyes on this season. 

Here’s our top 7 of the lot:

Flow enhancements

Now you can trigger flow on deletion of a record. This is huge! Earlier there was a gap between trigger and flow or process or any other non-code automated solution. Anytime you had an active account that was deleted from the system by someone, it was difficult for the owner to keep track of the details. Now Flow gets its own superpowers and can smoothly handle any deletions and debug flows as a specific user.

Say goodbye to misalignment of elements as now you can place Flow Elements automatically with the Auto Layout feature.

Dynamic Forms and Actions

You already know that Dynamic Forms and Dynamic Actions help your end users be more productive while saving your admins time. But this time, it takes customization to a whole new level as compared to the Summer 20 release. The Dynamic Forms now allow you to create mini-page layouts that can be placed anywhere using the Lightning App Builder. Besides that, they can also be hidden on a per-user basis.

Similarly, Dynamic Actions enables you to show/hide actions based on the user viewing the page, for a better user experience.

Salesforce Anywhere (Beta)

The Salesforce Anywhere app as promised by Salesforce on TrailheaDX this year will pan out to be a game changer in the remote working environment. It brings in some much needed features like alerts, chats, comments, and video which helps users to collaborate more effectively within Salesforce. It is also accessible on iOS phones, with only minimum OS requirements. Be mindful that this is still in beta stage, but you can still sign up for your Org to be enabled here.

Optimize the Opportunity Scoring Model

Your sales process is just about to get smarter from here on. The Einstein Opportunity Scoring Model which was earlier a paid feature is now available to the entire Salesforce community for free! With the Winter’21 release you can now exclude certain records  ignore fields that your prefer from the Einstein Opportunity Scoring model.

Know the Status of All Your Deals in One Glance

If you are one of those sales managers who are finicky about each and every movement of  deals, this feature is exactly what you need. This simple yet powerful change to the Opportunity List views in Lightning enables users to see if Opportunity amounts or close dates have been changed. Also you can now update sales stages using the Forecasting tab.

Analyze lightning page performance

It’s not an uncommon scenario where you see Lightning users complaining about the page loading speeds. This time, Salesforce has answered all your pleas rightfully by bringing in the ‘Analyze’ button which you can access from the Lightning App Builder. Now with just a click, you can optimize your Lightning page and get you out of the bad user experience.

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Dynamic Survey Pages

Now you can enjoy unique customer journeys with Dynamic Salesforce Survey pages. This new update gives you the ability to define which survey page they skip to next based on Salesforce data.

Need help with any of the Winter ’21 release implementations? Our team at Dazeworks would be  happy to discuss your business requirements and help you get the maximum value out of Salesforce.

You can read the release notes here.

Also, What’s your favorite feature of this season? Leave a comment below!

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