Top 4 Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits

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Top 4 Salesforce Apps for Nonprofits

Posted by Seethu Maria Mathew

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Non-profit organizations, just like any other organizations, are looking for advanced technology tools that make their job easier, starting from lead generation to conducting  and managing fundraising campaigns, events and other outreach programs. Since you’ve chosen Salesforce as your customer relationship platform, you are already on the right track to attaining maximum reach among your audience. But if you go through Salesforce AppExchange, you will find hundreds of Salesforce apps and integrations, making it difficult for you to choose the right one that fits your exact requirements.

In this blog we’ve picked four favorite Salesforce apps and their top features that may benefit you.

Let’s dive into these tools and explore how they can help your nonprofit’s efforts.


360MatchPro is created by Double the Donation that works towards corporate gift giving programs. It is a popular tool for matching gifts and contacting your prospective donors. 360MatchPro has a large matching gift database which helps move your prospects through the lead funnel to submit matching requests automatically. This helps you avoid all the tedious manual work associated with matching gifts. 

Top Features of 360MatchPro 

Donor Profile Management: 360MatchPro captures donor information from donor forms, guides them on next steps to complete match requests and helps you identify opportunities from your database through its marketing automation capabilities. 

Automated Email Communication: With 360MatchPro, you can automatically send notifications to the donors and remind them to complete the matching gift requests. 

Automated Outreach Plans: Once you funnel the matching eligible donors, you can use 360MatchPro to build automated outreach campaigns.

What is the cost of 360MatchPro? 

The pricing depends on which plan fits your organization. If you opt for 360MatchPro Standard,  it starts from $1200 per year. But if it’s 360MatchPro Enterprise, it is subject to custom pricing.


It is critical for non-profit organizations to understand more about their donors.This will further help them create effective outreach programs and personalized interactions. Having a strong knowledge base of your donor’s potential and capacity will create new avenues for sizable donations and build fruitful relationships with your donors in the long run. DonorSearch is a research tool that identifies and helps you learn more about the prospects with fully automated features.

DonorSearch 360io is available on Salesforce AppExchange and it focuses on philanthropic and wealth metrics to better pinpoint prospective donors.

Top Features of DonorSearch 

Data Importing: You can import the results from your research to DonorSearch fields and use this data to create customized reports.

Donor Screening: DonorSearch provides automatic donor screening facilities. Once the donor information is entered into the Salesforce CRM, it will automatically screen for prospect donors. 

Custom workflows: You can customize the entire workflow based on your preferences. This includes tasks like automating emails, continuing the research, sending personalized messages and so on.

Profile Generation: With DonorSearch’s one click profile generation feature, you can just click on the DonorSearch button and get full visibility into donor details. 

What is the cost of DonorSearch?

DonorSearch 360io pricing starts at  $100/month for Salesforce users.

Salsa Engage

Salsa Engage is a robust fundraising tool that helps non profit organizations to move ahead with their fundraising  and marketing efforts through intuitive methods. It cannot be directly installed in your existing CRM, but it can be fully integrated with Salesforce. With Salsa Engage for Salesforce, it is easier to gather information about your well wishers and donors through your CRM, anytime they make a donation to your cause or become part of your advocacy campaigns. 

Top Features of Salsa Engage

Two-way Data Integration: The bidirectional integration between Salesforce and Salsa helps to keep track of donor information. It is also accessible to all team members and can take necessary steps according to their preferences. 

Recurrent Synchronization: You can synchronize the data between Salsa and Salesforce frequently, often in a matter of minutes.This keeps your data accurate and up-to-date.

Duplication Management: It is easier to identify duplicate profiles as Salsa integrates with Salesforce’s Duplicate Matching rule to track down duplicate profiles in the system.

What is the cost of Salsa Engage?

The Salsa Engage pricing starts at $349/month. It is also dependent on the functionality required. It is not based on per user cost.

Brickwork by iATS Payments

An integrated payment processor plays a vital role in processing donations of a non-profit organization. Without the right tool in place, all the efforts and marketing campaigns that you have worked on for months will turn out to be a failure. Choosing a third party app is not always a great option, as it can cause confusion and doubt among your donors. Brickwork by iATS Payments is a comprehensive Salesforce application that exclusively addresses non profit organization needs  and helps in smooth payment processing.

Top Features of iATS Payments

Customization: You can customize various features according to your organization’s priorities. Create online donation forms the way you like it, turn a couple of features on or off and include any kind of payment methods according to your preference. 

Data Storage Security: It offers PCI Level 1 certification and various data security layers and all the security features are offered for free which is a great plus especially for the nonprofits. 

High Time to Resolution: iATS provides the best support resolution time for questions related to your nonprofit’s payment processing.

What is the cost of iATS payments?

Here is some good news for non profit organizations. It is absolutely free for Salesforce users!

What’s your favorite Salesforce app in the above list? Which one fits best with your non profit organization? Let us know in the comments.

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