TrailheaDX 2020: It’s a wrap!

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TrailheaDX 2020: It’s a wrap!

Posted by Seethu Maria Mathew

Saleforce’s TrailheaDX – the developer event of the year  is a family reunion eagerly anticipated by thousands of developers, admins, consultants, architects and Salesforce enthusiasts all over the globe to reconnect, learn, unlearn and relearn. Only this year, the #Ohana went virtual for the very first time in the history of Salesforce! From speaking live onstage in San Francisco to setting up creative shoots in the comfort of their homes, the fifth year of TrailheaDX may have been vastly different from all the previous events, but this has only drawn the community closer than before. The event, once exclusive for people who can travel, has now evolved into an all-inclusive free learning space where everyone can be a part of the program. 

TrailheaDX 2020 was a great mix of amazing keynotes, new feature and product  announcements all condensed into live and pre recorded sessions. There were 40 sessions and 65 product demos spread across 4 channels- developer, admin, architect, community and ecosystem.

The event kicked off with a powerful keynote by Sarah Franklin, executive vice president of developer relations and general manager of Trailhead at Salesforce, live from her home. 

“I’m supposed to be with you in Moscone, taking over San Francisco together in a huge keynote room with thousands of you, but we’re not doing that right now. We’ve taken this two day experience and condensed it down to a six-hour timeframe together. We’ve completely reimagined this experience for you today…here in a virtual experience,” Franklin said. “Even though we’re not physically together, nothing is going to keep us apart.”

She addressed several challenges happening in different areas around the world.

“Let’s be real for a moment,” Franklin said. “There is a lot of pain in our community right now, we’re in the middle of four crises: A health crisis, an economic crisis, a social crisis, and a leadership crisis.”

Franklin encouraged Salesforce trailblazers to reinforce their commitment towards equality and diversity. 

Here’s a recap of all the good moments that happened at TrailheaDX 2020:

Product Announcements- The gifts keep coming!

Salesforce Anywhere 

Salesforce Anywhere is all that we need during these unprecedented times! With this new product announcement, Salesforce welcomed all trailblazers to an all-digital, work from anywhere world.

“Salesforce Anywhere empowers everyone to sell, service, and market from anywhere. And today, with Service Cloud Voice, telephony built right in, and Einstein Call Coaching, it’s never been easier to do that,” Franklin said.

With  powerful chat/ video collaboration facilities infused within Salesforce, Salesforce Anywhere App helps remote teams to work efficiently on mobile or desktop. It has also partnered with AWS, Siemens, Tanium and Zoom, giving it an extra mileage in the remote work environment.

Code Builder 

A web-based development tool fully optimized for Salesforce development, Code Builder is a way of strengthening Salesforce’s no software commitment. 

“It can often feel daunting setting up your environment, especially if you just need to write a quick Apex class,” said Claire Bianchi, director of product management in developer tooling at Salesforce, during her keynote speech.  “With Code Builder, a workspace is created in moments with everything you need.” 

“We set up your workspace with everything you need for Salesforce development, including the Salesforce CLI, the Apex debuggers, custom LWC (Lightning Web Components) and Aura tooling, and more,” Bianchi added.

“With Code Builder, Salesforce developers get the best of both worlds- a web-based environment for developing wherever they are and all the productivity-boosting tools that make building apps on the Salesforce Platform faster and easier.”, says Wade Wegner, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Salesforce.

Einstein Recommendations in Trailhead

If you’re not sure what skills to pick from Trailhead, Salesforce’s online learning platform, now Einstein will now provide AI recommendations according to your role to help you choose the right path. 

Chris Duarte, vice president of Trailhead content at Salesforce, took her employee Emily as an example during her keynote. “These are AI powered recommendations for Emily, based on her role as a developer. And the cool thing is, the more Emily uses Trailhead, the smarter and more tailored these recommendations become.”, said Chris.

Overview of Sessions

40 sessions, 65 product demos and 9 Circles of Success- there was so much knowledge flowing throughout the event.

You can check out all sessions across 4 channels- Developer, Admin, Architect, Ecosystem & Channel with demos here.

TrailheaDX True to the Core

The True to the Core session at TrailheaDX featured various Salesforce leaders and product managers such as Bret Taylor, Parker Harris and Sarah Franklin. Here are some of their notable quotes:

“When we looked around and saw the financial impact that the coronavirus was having, and the kind of government programs that were being spun up like the Paycheck Protection Program. We knew that we were going to need to do something really quickly. In order to give our customers the tools that they needed to get money into the hands of people in small businesses.” – Dory Weiss, VP of Engineering, nCino

“We’re looking toward the future and considering, when this pandemic is through, what kinds of behavioral changes will remain. And what we see is this all-digital, work-anywhere world. That’s why I think collaboration at Salesforce is more important than it ever has been. We have significantly increased investment in collaboration and digital collaboration across our entire portfolio. We need to also think about what a modern team needs to collaborate, and that’s why today you saw a lot of real-time collaboration features like presence, and video, and chat.” – Bret Taylor, President and Chief Operating Officer, Salesforce.

A Golden Hoodie moment!

Who doesn’t love a Golden Hoodie moment! Justin Smith, Director of IT at SunCommon was awarded the coveted Golden Hoodie to recognize his incredible contributions to the Salesforce community. Welcome to the club, Justin! Now that’s what we call the real swag!

Here’s a glimpse into the video. 

Fireside Chat with the luminary speaker

This time Salesforce featured CBS’s own Trevor Noah as the guest speaker. He gave an immensely powerful and relatable speech during the session regarding racial injustice, history and intersectionality which was brilliantly driven by Leah McGowan-Hare.

Fun Fact: Did you know that C++ is Trevor’s favorite programming language?

The virtual TDXs are here to stay

Gone are those days when live events and in-person meet ups were the real deal. Even better, the TrailheaDX’20 is also rumored to be a trial run for Dreamforce 2020 which is also gearing up for its first of it’s kind virtual event experience!

TDX global gatherings will continue on July 13- August 15. Our awesome trailblazers at Dazeworks got an opportunity to be part of this year’s virtual Ohana energy and had a fun time learning and giving back to the community. If you missed out on the event, don’t worry!!  You can still check out the pre- recorded sessions here.