Salesforce Genie: The Wait Is Over

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Salesforce Genie: The Wait Is Over

Posted by Pooja Pushpan

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The Genie we have been all waiting for is finally out of the bottle. Day 1 of Dreamforce was dedicated to the reveal of the biggest innovation by the company- Salesforce Genie. It is a rebrand of the Salesforce marketing customer data platform and democratizes the platform with automation and AI. What exactly is it and how does it stand apart from all the technologies we have around? In this blog, we give answers to these and all other burning questions.

What is Salesforce Genie?

Salesforce Genie is designed to take customer service to the next level. It collects and organizes data that gets updated every millisecond, allowing you to provide services as they have never experienced before. 

Every day, businesses worldwide collect a massive amount of customer data. Even with all the data that gets used, there’s so much left behind. Salesforce Genie makes it easy for you to make sense of the massive pile of data irrespective of where it’s stored. It collects data from every step of the customer journey and creates a unified customer record. This can be used instantly to create unparalleled personalized services. 

How Does The Genie Work Its Magic?

The integration of Genie into the Salesforce platform ensures real-time access to data across every cloud. But how does it do that?


Earlier Salesforce primarily dealt with transactional data. The addition of Genies means the platform can now take in more real-time data from external sources. Considering that Salesforce Genie is built by Salesforce metadata, the data within it is accessible at Customer360.  


A customer graph is basically a data model that harmonizes the gathered data streams in a single profile. Irrespective of where the data originated from, now it’s all part of a well-structured customer profile. 


One of the key processes of Salesforce Genie is to resolve identities, allowing brands to have one consolidated profile for every customer. Genie is able to do this through a lakehouse architecture. This makes it easier to organize and categorize unstructured data that businesses require. 

Note: A data lakehouse is the latest data architecture that merges data lake and data warehouse into a unified database to address the formers’ limitations. It harnesses low cost to maintain the data volumes in its raw formats. 


Why are we collecting all this data? 80% of consumers are more inclined toward a brand that offers personalized experiences. Salesforce Genie is built with privacy and compliance, ensuring that you don’t have to put each customer under scrutiny. It allows you to offer a seamless experience to customers in critical moments. 

With an automated customer journey and work structure, Salesforce Genie has the potential to streamline the day-to-day work of Salesforce users. Now that we know what Genie is and its magical power, people want to know who this is available for, what it’s priced at, or if it is free. Since it is still at the inception stage, we can expect Salesforce to answer these questions in the coming days. 

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