A Note from our CEO – We are joining iLink Digital

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A Note from our CEO – We are joining iLink Digital

Posted by Shiv Devinarayanan

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If you are reading this, then you’ve heard the BIG NEWS already and you’re curious to know more. You heard it right, Dazeworks is now an iLink Digital company and I can’t wait to tell you all about it! 

I’ll try my best to put into words our incredible journey of the past few months towards this exciting milestone today.

Before I begin, I want to give a shoutout to you – our customers, team members, partners, the Salesforce community, my MVP family, and all other well-wishers. This moment is proof of your love, support, and feedback. I am deeply grateful for the trust you continue to place in me and my team at Dazeworks.

Now let me tell you why it had to be iLink.

When we set out with the idea behind Dazeworks 6 years ago, there were a few things I was absolutely sure of  

  1. Salesforce is the unmistakable future of cloud. 
  2. You should always aspire to create something that ultimately inspires people. 
  3. Surround yourself with people and relationships that matter the most – your vibe attracts your tribe. 
  4. The runway ahead is always longer than the one behind us. 
  5. It’s absolutely okay to take the path less traveled. In fact, I highly recommend it!

And I’m glad to say I was right in all of the above!!

Whenever we have toyed with the idea of joining forces with a partner, we were clear that we’ll say yes to THE ONE who fully understands our end-to-end journey and the unique dynamics of the  Salesforce ecosystem. Our unique DNA has been a sense of pride for us as a team and has defined all our decisions – big and small – till date. When the opportunity with iLink came knocking, we knew we had found THE PERFECT MATCH in them!

Sree a.k.a Sree Balaji, Group CEO, and his team share our vision, values, and philosophy of bringing about transformational change to customers’ businesses and speak the same language of passion and innovation as us. More than that, they were always ready to listen to our story and more than ready to help amplify our voice and mission as an organization. 

iLink’s strong portfolio of AI, ML, NLP, DEX, and IoT offerings has been built over years of strategic experience. As pure-play Salesforce specialists, we are incredibly excited about mobilizing this immense wealth of expertise to add value when engaging with our customers. Through Dazeworks, iLink has added the ability to deliver the till-now-missing link of specialized Salesforce services to their portfolio of enterprise customers and prospects.

So what now? Business as usual, but with exponentially more firepower!

  • We now have more firepower in our combined digital transformation arsenal to dream big and aim higher. This is further fuelled by iLink’s experience centering around teams that can flawlessly manage large data volumes.
  • We get to amplify our distinct brand and culture with support from the visionaries at the iLink leadership team – watch out for more of the same awesomeness!!
  • iLink’s strategic experience is an important addition to our toolbelt for transforming organizations in the upcoming year.
  • The iLink artillery of over 100 frameworks and accelerators and deep AI/ML/NLP capabilities are forces to be reckoned with and are valuable additions to customer engagements.

We can’t wait to show you what we have lined up for the future now that we have joined forces.

Exciting times are ahead and I am counting on your unwavering support as always. Here’s to conquering new trails together….

Stay Awesome.


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