How to Survive a 21 Day Lockdown and WFH? Starring Bacardi!

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How to Survive a 21 Day Lockdown and WFH? Starring Bacardi!

Posted by Soumya Manikkath

With the Indian government announcing a 21 day lockdown starting midnight of March 24th, a country of 1.3 billion people have been asked to stay at home. This is a much-needed step to curb the growing threat of COVID-19 in our nation and across the globe. But does that mean it’s easy for businesses and teams? Most definitely not!

Our team at Dazeworks has always been a distributed team of Salesforce lovers. We are a mix of people who work from our office locations in Kochi, Bangalore and Sri Lanka and also some from their homes. As an additional precautionary measure during the pandemic, our entire team had been working for home for the past two weeks. Here’s how we’ve been adapting to changes in our workspaces and to the possibility of continuing this for another month. And while you do that, please meet our most recent employee of the month – Bacardi, featured in pics below!

  1. Make good use of available technology 
    Our go-to communication channels have always been Slack, Quip, Google docs and Zoom. All four have been life-savers (and many a time project savers).They continue to make life a bit more easier for all of us.

  2. Step into work mode as your day starts 
    For many of us, a workday has always meant dressing up and commuting to work. The prospect of working in sweatpants may sound appealing for the first few days. But our seasoned work-from-home team members are of the opinion that the feeling of ‘stepping into your work shoes’ is key to maintaining productivity levels in the long run. This includes having a designated workspace that you sit at as well.

  3. Productivity tracking is not the need of the hour 
    With so much going on around us, it may not be practical to ask for 100% productivity from all our team members and we fully understand that. However, we must say that our team has been exceptional in meeting client deadlines and achieving project milestones. It helps that we do not have escalations to worry about during this time. Shoutout to each of our ninjas for this!

  4. Pets and kids make great colleagues and co-hosts 
    With many of us now being promoted to work-from-home parents, there have been sightings of adorable kids and furry friends at many meetings. It’s even led us to consider adding them to all meetings going forward – just to light up the day!

  5. Learn something new 
    While we do not ask for extended hours just because our team is working from home, many of us have seen benefits in learning a new skill – be it at work or at home. Trailhead has been a great source of Salesforce learning for us. Among other survival skills, we have some great recipes doing the rounds that we are happy to share!

  6. Unplug if you are stressed out  
    It’s only understandable that many of us feel heightened levels of cabin fever and screen fatigue. Mindless scrolling of news and social media feeds probably don’t help either! We ask our team to keep mental health as a high priority and unwind occasionally.

Do you have any recommended tips that have worked for you? We’d love to hear them.
Note: No puppies were harmed in the making of this blog.