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Recycle Bin Manager

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The Beginning

Are you worried about accessing recycle bin in Lightning experience?
In Lightning, toggling back & forth between Lightning and Classic just to access the recycle bin is not user-friendly. Here’s a great tool built natively in Salesforce that will help you to retrieve deleted records in Lightning Experience without switching back to Salesforce Classic.
These are the basic uses of this app :

  • Use Recycle Bin in Lightning UI.
  • Users can search for deleted records by filtering based on an Object, Deleted by User and Date range.
  • Users can see the data of the deleted record(s) before restoring it.

What you need to Know

To use this app, you should know how to Install and switch to the Recycle Bin App from App Launcher in Salesforce…That’s it! 😊

What is the Old School Way of Doing Things:

To undelete the records in Lightning, we need to toggle back & forth between Lighting and Classic just to access the recycle bin which is not convenient.
Recycle Bin Manager

How does the Appy Ninja help?

In order to avoid the time-consuming task of toggling back & forth between Lighting and Classic to access the recycle bin, the user-friendly Recycle Bin Manager helps to undelete record easily within few clicks based on Object and Date Filter criteria. It is deleted from date and deleted to date and deleted by user.

How does it work?

1.Go to below Link to install the app.
2. Install the app by clicking Get Now.
Recycle Bin Manager
3. After clicking Get Now, you will be prompted to choose environment.
Recycle Bin Manager
4.Next, you will be prompted to enter the Login credentials.
Recycle Bin Manager
5.Then accept the terms and conditions to install the app.
Recycle Bin Manager
6.You will then be asked to choose the role by whom this app can be accessed – admins, all users or specific profiles.
Recycle Bin Manager
Recycle Bin Manager

  1. After Installation, to confirm the package Installation,

  i.) You will receive an email after the installation.
Recycle Bin Manager
 ii.)  You will be redirected to Installed Package in Lightning.
Recycle Bin Manager

A real-life scenario

To access the Recycle Bin Manager app,
i.) Go to App Launcher.
Recycle Bin Manager
ii.) Here you go.
Recycle Bin Manager
Filter Criteria,

  • You can search the Deleted Record by Object.
  • You can search by Keyword.
  • Search Deleted Record FROM deleted Date.
  • Search Deleted Record TO deleted Date
  • You can search the Deleted Record by the user who deleted the record.
  • Mass Restore Batch:

If you are restoring the mass amount of records, It will be executed to restore by different batches.
Recycle Bin Manager

  1. User can restore specific records by using the “Undelete Selected” Button or restore all the records returned by the search using the “Undelete All” Button.
  2. Users can also view the data of deleted records by clicking on the record name before restoring the record, user will see only those fields/records that are accessible to him/her.
  3. Admin users can use the “Purge Selected” button to permanently delete the records from the recycle bin.
  4. User can preview deleted records before restoring.
We cannot restore the permanently deleted records without contacting salesforce. But user can Retrieve the deleted records which were in the recycle bin for 15 days.
For Example: If someone installs the app today then that person can restore the records deleted before 10 days which are still in the recycle bin. Once the record gets purged permanently then we cannot retrieve it using this app.


Recycle Bin Manager helps you to reduce the time consumption from toggling between Classic and Lightning for undeleting records.
Time Saver!!!!

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