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The Next Generation of Einstein Service Cloud : Einstein Bots

Einstein Bots,Einstein Service Cloud - posted by Vrinda J Menon

Wouldn’t it be awesome if Service Cloud could automatically deal with regular client demands and inquiries? Marc Benioff introduced the Einstein Bot at the Dreamforce 2017 Opening Keynote. Einstein Bots welcomes your clients, answers their inquiries, and it can even dunk into your satisfaction framework and recover the client’s request status. Because of their conversational interface, building these bots can be a wholly new experience for Salesforce developers.

Einstein Bots are part of Service Cloud. They are intended to increase your human call center operators. The objective of Einstein Bots is to empower your clients to rapidly and precisely associate with your organization without sitting tight for a human specialist to wind up accessible. They are intended to increase your human call center operators.

Let’s try to understand more about Einstein Bot. What say?

What is a ChatBot?

A ChatBot, in general, is a service that is controlled by predefined business guidelines, contents and man-made reasoning through a conversational interface. With the ongoing ascent of Artificial Intelligence, ChatBots have turned into a great deal more quick witted and they comprehend clients more precisely than a bot could ten years back. More and more businesses are now looking into ChatBot as a practical channel to provide instant service to their customers.

The three main  requests from the customer’s chat channel can now be taken care of by a bot. These request types make up more than 1/3 of their general chat volume! All the more important, they can visit with significantly more clients in the meantime and the bot does it quicker than any of their best agents. With help from the bot on these heavy volume but simple tasks, their agents now have more time to work on complex customer issues or value-add activities. Less agent-handle time, less customer-wait time, a better user experience and more happy customers!

How is it different?

Currently there are several bot platforms available such as Microsoft Bot Platform, Amazon Lex, Google Dialog Flow, Alibaba Intelligent Service Robot, and many more. Einstein Bots are different from these as they are fully integrated into the Salesforce platform. They can access Salesforce data without code, can hand off the conversation to a real service agent in Service Cloud without any additional integration nastiness. Previously bot was configured using Salesforce, Google’s Dialog Flow and a Heroku middleware layer. With Einstein Bots, this is now all on one platform, requiring no code or integration.

Einstein Bots are designed to be configured using clicks not code. It’s a wizard based interface, whilst still allowing to invoke Apex methods when appropriate.

The aim is to help companies automate routine customer service requests and improve customer experiences regardless of whether customers are interacting with a bot, an agent, or a combination of the two. The bots use historical service data and CRM data to form their answers, but they can also hand the conversation off to a human employee if needed.

Meanwhile, developers and admins can use the same point-and-click interface to build custom chatbots. Examples of Einstein Bots would be a chatbot that helps track a customer’s order, or one that can reset passwords. Einstein Next Best Action guides agents and customers by surfacing recommended answers and offers and uses AI to analyze the conversation in real time. The system pulls from both Salesforce and non-Salesforce data to provide recommendations. The main idea is to help with problem resolution and highlight upsell opportunities.

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