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Pledge One percent – Cleaning at Sambodhu Chaithya

- posted by Aiswarya Hariharan

In his teaching, Buddha says “ Give, even if you only have little”.

Dazeworks Sri Lanka team had a pleasantly eventful ending to this year. This week, we paid a visit to the Sambodhi Chaithya at Colombo Harbor, Sri Lanka. As part of the Pledge 1% venture, we took an initiative to clean the premises and the Buddha shrine. Situated on the coastal line of Port City, the location of this temple is breathtaking. If a gold crown was not sparkly enough, cleaning and meliorating the premises was like adding jewels to it.

We, a team of four members, reached the location at around 9 in the morning and started off by dusting and cleaning the area around. There was an assembly of 21 Buddha statues spread out in a long line. Splash of water over them made the installations ooze radiance of their beautiful white sheen. We wiped and washed until it was unblemished. The shrine was covered with flower offerings of devotees. We buffed up that area and replaced with fresh flowers.

We felt really happy and content with our action because more than just being a service, that was a significant spot. Located on the picturesque coastal shore, the Sambodhi Chaithya is a major tourist attraction. A large number of people visit every day and offer their prayer. The tranquillity and peace must not be muddled with any filth. We made sure every nook and corner was given attention and nothing was left unnoticed. We wrapped up everything by noon at just about the time the sun sets at its Zenith.

The day ended with the port personnel treating us with a cup of tea. The Port Authorities have the charge over maintenance of this temple. We must acknowledge Sachin Prabodhana of Sri Lanka office who helped to coordinate with the Port Authorities and give us this opportunity. We shared experiences about the temple and spent some quality time relaxing after all the cleaning. They expressed how delighted they were to see such a gesture from us. They shared their gratitude and informed us that we were one of the very few who would do something like this. We responded how we consider it is a duty to give back to society and spared a very important message to everyone. The teachings of Buddha were articulated to enlighten human race. But in today’s busy world, a little bit of action is what takes to show them a good example.


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