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Personalized Interaction With Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Way To Customer Success Journey

- posted by Aiswarya Hariharan

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a multi-action builder, that unifies all marketing activities in a single platform that gives you irreplaceable ease in carrying on one on one interactions with your customers. Essentially, Salesforce integrates all your marketing activities viz. building customer journey, engage the audience, create content, analytics builder and connectivity and personalized interactions with your customer. Even though Marketing cloud is very extensive, here the emphasis is given on how the marketing cloud enables next level personalization for each of your customers.

The marketing cloud is designed intricately to accommodate elements that are crucial for creating a meaningful marketing process. Each aspect of marketing activity is bifurcated conspicuously into applications which a marketer can easily comprehend and build suitable marketing action series. Various attributes under the umbrella of marketing cloud are E-mail studio which creates intelligent and personalized e-mail that engages customers; mobile studio for communicating with mobile messages, push notifications and chat apps messages all from one platform; social studio that consolidates your marketing service and sales team through social chains or medium; ad studio that combines marketing and CRM data to create customized content; Salesforce DMP that accumulates customer data for further usage; analytics builder powered by Einstien Analytics that integrates customer data readily available; journey builder that connects series of marketing actions to create significant results; all these culminating in providing analytics and information needed for personalization builder. Apart from these, Pardot is paving new and innovative ways to mold marketing actions in the most effective way through complete marketing automation.

All these components contribute in some way or the other to provide differentiated and meaningful services to the customers, however, some of them particularly serves the purpose of it. Mobile Studio holds pre-made templates, and drag and drops attributes that can be easily aligned for customer engagement. You can now create real-time interactions and notification reminder and even fraud alerts. Predictive practices with the available data help you send push notifications or sale alerts to the customer for competing for the sales. Send an automatic invite to customers when they are near your store with geofencing alerts. You are enabled to send rich content through third-party chat apps for continued customer capture. These activities are managed with journey builder that consolidates actions to personalize each interaction over e-mail, push, SMS and other online advertisements. What journey builder does is that it connects your entire organization to your customer at different levels, to execute highly customized services from the different level of functions. It is just like creating a traditional customer experience; take for instance a textile shop – you enter and a receptionist receives you, head you over winter clothing section – pick, and later coats section. after purchase, you are directed towards payment upon which you collect your items from the alteration section. Likewise, Salesforce marketing cloud creates a series of meaningful events by connecting all marketing operations to different departments of your organization. Instead of the marketer intervening in every step, your customer is benefited from direct and highly personalized services.

Journey Builder allows you to connect every interaction across email, mobile, advertising, and the web along with sales and service. Journey builder helps you keep track of the customer behavior, and demarcate most eventful points to create a comprehensive and meaningful journey. With the available purchase history, you can send personalized messages and also predict their changing preferences. Constant interaction helps you adapt and transform your services as the customer evolves. Leverage reporting to be proactive about changing customer behavior and take appropriate actions. Even for service providers, this application deals with post-sales activities such as automates customer service surveys.

These attributes go hand in hand in personalizing each customer experience, by way of grouping them together into a group with similar characteristics. A customer success story is achieved when a customer is effectively engaged in all levels of the marketing journey from product perception to delivery and post-sales activities. The marketer must be ahead of customer mind and exhibit such predictive characteristics, which can be actualized with Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Features like mobile studio help the marketer to create and send personalized messages in the form of SMS, push notifications or group connect or message.


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