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One Exercise a time!

- posted by Sivasree Devinarayanan

Hey all, last time I had said I would share a few exercises (Trust me, I never knew I would ever say this 🙂 ) For some of us, the word exercise gives pain, we feel demotivated. It feels like a task and some of us even shy away from doing it thinking about what others around us would say. Say no more, I hear you loud and clear!

For me, I am a foodie. I cannot live without fries or caffeine (I’ll get back to food and benefits next week)! So I dug in really deep. I asked myself if I really need a size zero body or a healthy one? Being in almost any job today in this world, whether IT, teaching, musician, etc, is almost the same. We tend to spend more hours on our job without even realizing it. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can try even when you are on a meeting call. These will help you be healthy and stress-free.

Time Table Matters

Understanding time is very essential, have a time set for you to wake up every day and may be set aside one day as cheat day (we all need that one day of relaxing). Keeping a strong body clock is essential for your nervous system, muscles, and brain. If you are a frequent traveler, ensure you have a jet lag recovery time kept aside. If the body clock is messed up, your brain gets stressed, in turn lowering your productivity.

Listen to your Body

There are signs that our body gives, listen to them. To keep this simple, here are a few body parts that you need to focus if your work is sedentary/standing or involves less movement.


The neck is a very vital part that needs more care. There are a lot of tips and tricks, do’s and dont’s on Google. But here are a few exercises that I personally have good experiences with: Neck tilt, neck rotations, and shoulder shrugs. These are simple and can be done when you feel a strain on your neck or stress while traveling.


The eye is a fragile and important organ. Most of us have busy schedules. Please keep a few points in mind.

(1) Blink your eyes slowly and consciously every 10 minutes. While doing this if your eyes burn, it means that you need to get up from your chair and go for a walk.

(2) Once in 45 minutes, wash your face with cold water, this helps your eye nerves to cool down from all the screen watching.

(3) Eat healthy and stay hydrated. If you are someone who loves eye make up make sure you use good brands and remove them with water as soon as you reach home.

(4) When traveling or sitting for more than two hours in a place, make sure you rotate your eyes both in clockwise and anticlockwise directions.

(5) Most importantly, have a plant near you or take a stroll to see some green in nature. It is proven that looking at nature relaxes your eye muscles and calms your nerves.

Spine and shoulders

As we all know, one of the most important parts of the entire body is the spine! Yet we take it for granted. In this modern era, we all are very much aware of the word “spondylitis” an illness that affects the spine. Before we reach there, how can we avoid this?

I have focused on a few desk exercises that take about five minutes. My goal here is for you to release tension in your body, increase the oxygen in the body and improve your mindset.

Quick tips for the day:

The posture remains the same for all the five exercises: Sit on a comfortable chair, shoulder over your hips, hips aligned with your knee, knee over your ankle and feet flat on the floor.

1.Breathing Exercise:

Breathe in by focusing on lifting your rib cage and as we exhale, allow the rib cage to lower down and the lungs to fully deflate. Begin by taking your breath in for two counts, holding for one and exhale for two counts. Repeat this five times. This helps us to get centered.

2.Back Twist:

Keep the same posture, but this time twist the body by keeping the knees forward, you can use the arm or back of your chair to help you to lever against this posture. Turn to look over the shoulder, the chest changes the direction but the knee stays forward. Take three deep breaths in and three deep exhalations. And repeat the same in the other direction. There are eight muscles in our vertebral column which gets relaxed.

3.Shoulder Roll:

Repeat the same posture and bring the shoulder behind you and lift it up and round as almost as if you are trying to tuck that shoulder blade into your back. This movement is enough to influence how the neck and the head feels. And you can change directions by going forward instead of back. You can also add both shoulders at the same time and do a few forward and back. This allows us to relieve from stress and tension from our body that tends to get connected between the neck and the head. This also allows us to get a great sense of energy.


Turn on your side by sifting through the knees, for this I recommend that we move from the table a bit and sit deep in our chair. As we are lifting up, focus on the lower core, tighten the abdomen wall and lift the knee so that you feel the hip action. This helps us to release tension that builds from sitting. Do a few times, this helps us to release the full body energy, increasing blood flow from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet.

For finishing off, you can do 3 deep breaths, each time you inhale think of the word “I” and as we exhale think “am” this is for you to remind yourselves that you can achieve greater things and are worthy of having a wonderful day!



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