Marketing Cloudcast: A Salesforce Podcast

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Marketing Cloudcast: A Salesforce Podcast

Posted by Vrinda J Menon

What is marketing cloudcast?
The Marketing Cloudcast is the webcast for Trailblazers who are driving the path in their organizations and professions. Each scene offers key patterns, imaginative strategies, and applicable bits of knowledge in advertising today. Podcasting can help you build authority and credibility in your field and it’s an unbeatable way to connect directly to your customers.
Salesforce created this marketing podcast to help email marketers, social media marketers, mobile marketers, and customer journey practitioners of all stages in their career. With this free Marketing Cloudcast digital broadcast now accessible for iTunes and SoundCloud download, you can gain all the more straight from Salesforce Marketing Cloud about how organizations create more leads, computerize promoting forms, construct keen showcasing efforts, and develop as advertising experts. It promotes digital broadcast that each advertiser can profit by.
There are three main ways to prepare audio content:

  • Script and read it
  • Speak ad lib
  • Make an outline

How to create an inspiring Salesforce podcast?
Podcasting has developed hugely in the previous couple of years. As marketers, we know that inspiring messaging and impactful presentations are basic for enthralling our groups of onlookers. Creating information can now and then feel like a group activity. At whatever point you make something that can possibly contact a worldwide gathering of people, there is a decent shot many individuals will get included to tinker with what in the long run turns into the final product. The most important part of the message development process is testing where we create a diverse array of customers, capturing their feedback, and then iterating on that feedback. This takes place before any new messages ever go live.
Important steps while creating a podcast

  • If you already have followers on a blog or social media, don’t hesitate to survey them on what kind of content they’d like to listen to. Podcasting is a big commitment. Taking the time to understand your audience and niche lays the foundation for success.
  • You should see to it that you create your own format and stick to it. When you have too many choices you often tend to get confused.
  • You need to do a lot of research and preparation on the topic since podcasting is a great forum to thoroughly dissect topics you’re passionate about.
  • Start with the most condensed episodes possible. Shorter time limit forces you to put your best content first and delete everything that’s not top-notch.
  • Use podcasting to make your brand personal. Your podcast hosts or speakers become recognizable to your audience, week after week. A podcast can help make a nameless and faceless brand feel real and human.
  • Just be yourself instead of pretending to be too formal or professional. The biggest reason people choose to listen to one podcast over another is because they connect with the host. Podcasts have a voice, a real, live, human voice, with subtleties of inflection, emotion, and emphasis. It’s this voice that breathes life into the content.
  • Be patient and emphasise on the results by working better each time. Podcasting is a marketing strategy that requires a long-term commitment to actually see results.

Do you have a favorite Salesforce podcast that you never miss? Let us know in the comments below.