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Harnessing Finservice Sector With Pardot

- posted by Aiswarya Hariharan

Present day customer has everything in their fingertips with more and more companies reforming to technological advancements replacing traditional methods. And business or marketers thrive on agility and readiness in providing their products or services. To be so quick, the first thing you need is a compatible and sustainable technology that is capable of meeting the speed and creativity of your organization. With Salesforce Pardot, all your marketing actions are optimized and simplified to yield higher customer success stories and customer retention. Along with Pardot, you can achieve complete marketing integration and automation resulting in better analytics, greater innovations, and substantial growth.

Financial service is a critical sector itself, grave attention and observation are needed in understanding its movement. As mentioned earlier agility is the way to conquer this sector both in performing within it as well as dealing with customers. Many customers give importance to the experience and journey they undergo with a company and the expectations are not getting any lower. Personalized and differentiated services have rather become retrospective, whereas now the technology must be ahead of customer’s mind for becoming the ultimate success converter.


There are many challenges the Finservice sector face, let’s have a look at them. Different financial services include Banking, Insurance, Lending & Borrowing – Share Market, Mutual Fund etc, among many other services. Apart from this, they also act as the client advisory in services like portfolio management, and evidently, it is a multi-fold activity that demands a great deal of foresightedness. With Pardot, the marketer gets an entire view of all of the client’s dealings, which will equip them to analyze and make decisions subject to the market fluctuations. Sending the same Newsletter or Brochure to every customer monthly is simply infertile. This brings us to the personalization of services where marketers must pitch to each client with combinations that are most rewarding for them. Pardot Automation simplifies these actions with the abundant data source and already accumulated client information, combining these to retrieve meaningful solutions. At the time of a renovation – say like an M&A – the company is being introduced to a whole new set of customer who is completely alien to the existing one. Automatic prospect scoring and full engagement history help the marketer to keep track, make follow-ups and deliver appropriate solutions. It was learned that a lot of sales reps’ time is being spent on actions other than selling. Integrated features like Engagement studios and E-mail builder enables the marketer, their team and even third-party distributors to send pre-approved on band emails to nurture campaigns and perpetuate the clientele. Engage your audience with real-time alerts and reporting which help you stay connected with prospective clients and revert instantaneously to client queries.


Around the globe, about 984 Financial Service Companies use Pardot for their operations. To name a few companies; Sierra Investment management aligns marketing and sales operations by automating manual event tracking process into landing pages in Pardot. It helps in creating events/tasks, tracking and make follow-ups and also constant client engagement with automated e-mail. SimCorp creates more sales opportunities with Pardot by segmenting hundreds of active prospects in Pardot and qualifying most prospectus ones and re-followed up by the sales team. Fundbox offers a line of credit services for small businesses drives and acquires clientele through Automated Drip Campaigns with Pardot.

The underlying base of Financial Service Sector is trust as it deals with pecuniary transactions and any technology involved must be trustworthy to confidently conducting such business. Pardot acts as a catalyst in maintaining relationships between the FINS marketers and customer with secure and protected technological assistance. It helps you in detangling all such activities, minimizes confusion and helps you keep track of all your operations. You can stay within the realm of your operations yet expand it with Pardot augmentation and Salesforce data. At a time where Millennials are becoming Superiors and CXOs, technology must always outshine expectation and marketers must possess great alacrity. Make lighting fast business possible with Salesforce Pardot to achieve seamless connectivity within your operations for greater yieldings.


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