CRM Solution For Financial Services

Dazeworks makes it easy for advisors to deliver a concierge level of service with the personalized, proactive advice which clients expect using Financial Services Cloud. Financial Services Cloud is an integrated platform intended to drive stronger client relationships that last. With an upgraded set of efficiency and engagement features, consultants can invest less time to gather customer data and additional time doing what they excel at — giving all-encompassing, objective based counsel that puts their customers at the focal point of all that they do. Whether you are a part of a wealth management firm, an insurance company, or a bank, Financial Services Cloud can help your team deliver personalized advice at scale across any channel or device. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud provides intelligence insights to help bankers and advisors prioritize their best prospects. It takes the next best action to acquire new customers while deepening relations with existing ones. So advisors and bankers are able to deliver the personalized service customers expect with the single view of each customer’s household across all channels and lines of business.

How does Salesforce make way for Financial Services?
Salesforce helps you to unite your entire financial institution across lines of business systems and channels around each customer. It keeps track of all files, takes action on your highest priority and addresses your customer’s financial needs all from one place. Salesforce works superbly taking feedback from customers and changing the stage with new developing programs. We can help you work through your Salesforce Account Executive who will have the most forward data. Salesforce Financial Services Cloud brings everything into context, puts the customer at the center of everything and makes it simple for advisors to settle on savvy choices quickly.
How do we help Financial Service Providers?

Streamline configuration and access to data with out-of-the-box profiles and permissions.

Continuous financial services innovation delivered three times per year.

Integrate Financial Services Cloud with core and back-office systems and best-of-breed partners.

Deliver extraordinary administration when clients require it most with omnichannel coordination crosswise over social, web, email, and that's only the tip of the iceberg — all in a single Salesforce platform.

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