Our expert developer team at Dazeworks creates new ways for customers to discover, research, and buy products using Salesforce. By combining the adaptability of the cloud with a rich set of cutting edge capabilities, we give you the power to deliver unique online shopping experiences that exceed customer expectations and crush sales targets, all in record time. From discovery to delivery, Commerce Cloud Digital creates better experiences and transactions across web, mobile, social, and other digital channels. With Commerce Cloud, you can effortlessly oversee and share item content, launch campaigns, refresh seasonal promotions, and run A/B tests, all without technical support. You can boost conversions and increase order value by connecting consumers with the right offer at the right time using active merchandising, predictive recommendations, and visual merchandising.

How does Salesforce make way for ecommerce?
Interfacing clients to items is easy with Commerce Cloud Order Management. Completely incorporated over the entirety of Salesforce items, you can now increase full perceivability into the request lifecycle and give your customer the decision making power to get items when, where, and how they need. Salesforce helps to launch new sites and explore new geographies quickly and easily with unified multi site management and built-in localization capabilities even when multiple brands, languages, and currencies are involved.
How do we help the Ecommerce Service Providers?

Make new open doors for procurement. Putting your product in the perfect place, at the right time can build consumer loyalty and your income.

Empower clients to sell for you. When you enable them to purchase straightforwardly in exchange gatherings, they can help you upsell, turning into your accomplices in profit.

Set up shop quickly and easily. Lightning Components from Salesforce e-commerce partners can be available on AppExchange.

Simplify your checkout process and let customers buy from you with ease by minimizing the number of steps included in a transaction.

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