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Apple & Salesforce join hands for an Amazing Experience

Salesforce and Apple Partnership - posted by Vrinda J Menon

Apple and Salesforce are both profoundly fruitful, notable brands, who jump at the chance to put on a major show when they make product declarations. Apple iOS and Salesforce’s CRM will be brought together to facilitate new mobile apps for business, thanks to a new strategic partnership between Apple and Salesforce, announced at Dreamforce. The world’s most advanced mobile operating system and the world’s #1 CRM join hands for an amazing new experience.

Working with Apple, Salesforce is updating its application to grasp the native mobile platform with exclusive new features on iOS. In addition to iOS app features created by Salesforce, opportunities are being created for third-party developers. The companies will also provide tools and resources for millions of Salesforce developers to build their own native apps with a new Salesforce Mobile SDK for iOS, and a new iOS app development course on Trailhead, Salesforce’s free, web-based learning platform.

The initial focus areas of this strategic partnership incorporate local Salesforce iOS applications for business. Salesforce will overhaul the Salesforce mobile app to give clients rich encounters solely on iOS, with Apple capabilities such as Siri Shortcuts, Face ID, Business Chat, and the sky is the limit from there. The partnership means that a salesperson can use Siri after a customer meeting to update that customer’s record with notes from the meeting, flag a customer service issue for a support team to follow-up on and many other data-entry tasks that can eat up valuable time.

Salesforce will introduce a Trailhead mobile app first on iOS. The partners will also deliver iOS apps for industries and small business that will serve their specific customer needs. Apple and Salesforce are likewise building up the primary Salesforce Mobile SDK that is streamlined for Swift, Apple’s customizing dialect. The local SDK will empower organizations and designers to fabricate and send applications for iPhone and iPad on the Salesforce Lightning Platform. To support developer learning and career growth, Apple is launching a new Get Started with iOS App Development Trail that will teach anyone how to build native iOS apps in Xcode with Swift.

Together, Salesforce and Apple are defining a new era of mobile innovation with native apps on iOS, and empowering millions of people with access to Trailhead and the skills they need for the jobs of the future.

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