Salesforce and Media: How They go Hand-in-Hand

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Salesforce and Media: How They go Hand-in-Hand

Posted by Pooja Prakash J

Today’s consumer is connected and well-informed through social and mobile technologies. Success for media and communications companies in this age requires tapping into those  technologies and combining them with the power of cloud and analytics tools.
With the rise of social and digital media, staying on top of the current trends is the name of the game in the media industry. Salesforce helps you engage immediately with your audience across social platforms, puts mobile communication apps in the hands of your sales reps, and gives you fast access to data and analytics.
Here I have given examples of companies that actually belong to the media industry and how Salesforce has helped them.

  • Leading game development company

How Salesforce Helped:
   [i]     Being a game development company they need an open platform for their gamers to ask questions and get them answered. The Salesforce Communities product was the perfect fit for this.
   [ii]     They wanted their customers to post ideas and suggestions and for this they use Salesforce Ideas product which again is part of Salesforce Communities.

  • One of the most-used Social Media platforms

How Salesforce Helped:
   [i]   They use Salesforce internally and with the help of Chatter, there is now a healthy collaboration between employees.
   [ii]    They also use a social performance management platform that helps companies align, motivate, and drive performance. With this, there is no gap between People Management and the apps that  people work with.
Both the apps have helped the organization to build a great workforce and workplace.

  • The publisher of Malaysia’s leading media brands

How Salesforce Helped:
   [i]   They use Sales Cloud to drive their business which helped them get more visibility on  customers and about what they want and what they like. With the help of forecasting, they can now plan out their roadmap and growth.
   [ii]  By using the Salesforce platform, Salesforce1 which is complete with a host of new APIs and mobile UI tools, the business can now facilitate their employees to use Salesforce on-the-go from any device!

  • One of the biggest digital music services

How Salesforce Helped:
   [i]   This media platform used Salesforce’s product Pardot, tightly knit with social media to engage more with their customers. The product “Pardot”, by Salesforce, offers a B2B marketing automation solution that allows marketing and sales departments to create, deploy, and manage online marketing campaigns from one central platform.
And that’s how Salesforce once again proves to be one of the best platforms for any kind of business to succeed. Businesses leverage’s next-gen platform to build apps for brands that boost customer management and loyalty.
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