Salesforce India Tour With Zachary Jeans

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Salesforce India Tour With Zachary Jeans

Posted by Pooja Prakash J

Of late there has been a lot of conversation around the Salesforce India Tour and the User/Developer Group Community in India. With a growing Salesforce developer base in the country, the tour could not have come at a better time. This was one of the reasons behind why the latest episode of Yappexchange featured Zachary Jeans and his exciting #sfindiatour. One of the world’s top 50 Salesforce influencers, the Principal at Tourizing and Founder of ImpactMatters  Zachary talks about the India Tour, TrailheaDX, what it means to give back to the community and about women in tech.
For starters, let me give you an idea of what Yappexchange is all about.
A brainchild of 3-time Salesforce MVP Sharif Shalaan, Yappexhange is more than an average tech podcast and is co-hosted by Sharif and Salesforce MVP Shiv Devinarayanan. It is a great way to stay updated on the latest in administration, development and consulting on the Salesforce platform. Through casual conversations with some of the coolest members of the Salesforce community, Yappexchange helps unravel the guests’ amazing journey through Salesforce.
In the current episode, Zachary talks about his inspiration for organizing an India tour focused on Salesforce user groups. As someone who loves meeting new people both virtually and in real life, this gives him the chance to revisit his friendships in India after his last trip in 2004. Thank you to the Salesforce community and to Chris Duarte for prompting him on. In his own words, that was the tipping point for his decision. The main focus of the #sfindiatour is to bring the spotlight on the developer community, share insights on Salesforce and also encourage participation of women in tech. Zachary plans to cover 14+ cities in 30 days by presenting at 14 meetups within the Salesforce community.
The tour is being sponsored by Apttus and will begin with New Delhi on May 22, continue to the next 13 states of India and halt at Gurgaon for the final meetup on June 20.


TrailheaDX is a Salesforce development administrator conference which will be held in San Francisco on the 7th and 8th of June. This is a great opportunity to learn new developer skills directly from the masters themselves – the Salesforce engineers and product leaders. With more number of people waking up to the fact that you can develop faster and easier on the Salesforce platform, a convergence of the India tour with TrailheaDX will be an outreach to developers and indoor administrators.
Women in Tech
Women in Tech is another theme that has been discussed in this episode and is one of my personal favorites. There are many women with a deep-rooted interest and passion for technology for whom Salesforce is a great platform. Salesforce is deeply involved with Girlforce, an online community of women in Salesforce who support nonprofits.  Taking inspiration from this and with the help of Abhilasha Singh who leads India Virtual Women in Tech, the tour seeks to bring all those aspiring girly geeks into the limelight.
Lead with Giants
Every user group is different – some are user-based, dev heavy or administrative. The #sfindiatour focuses on individualizing each city and adding more light to it by improving women in tech and through giving back opportunities. Being part of a leadership team called “Lead with Giants” that uplifts leaders, Zach’s motto of investing in each other is something that we can all learn from.
Awesome Salesforce Swag
Being a tour around TrailheaDX, every user group leader is armed with Salesforce t-shirts and a lot of other goodies. Zach is also working with Shashank from Salesforce Dev relations for some awesome Salesforce swag which we all love! So if nothing else can bring you to the event, you could always try your luck at winning one of these.
Salesforce World Tour
Apart from the SF India Tour, Zachary has a busy schedule planned which includes the London World Tour on May 19th and the Salesforce Tour Paris on June 23rd. The Paris Tour is on the top of his lists for its amazing food, culture, and music.
The hashtag to follow is #SFIndiaTour, keep an eye out for that to get the latest updates.
PS: Developer and Salesforce lovers in and around Kochi! He’s joining us on the 7th of June for a wonderful meetup! Make sure you’re there! We would love to meet you.

  • 22 May New Delhi
  • 28 May Noida
  • 29 May Jaipur
  • 1 June Kolkata
  • 4 June Bengaluru
  • 5 June Chennai
  • 7 June Kerala
  • 11 June Hyderabad
  • 12 June Nagpur
  • 15 June Ahmedabad
  • 16 June Vadodara
  • 17 June Mumbai
  • 18 June Pune
  • 20 June Gurgaon