Dreamforce’17 Announcements | Salesforce and Google Tie the Knot

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Dreamforce’17 Announcements | Salesforce and Google Tie the Knot

Posted by Aditya Pavan Vempati

Dreamforce’17 has been just as amazing as every other year and this year it is all the more awesome with Salesforce teaming up with Google! So much excitement! On day 1 of Dreamforce, Salesforce announced a new strategic partnership with Google to deliver smarter, more collaborative experiences for customers. This partnership will specifically deliver new integrations that connect Salesforce with Google Analytics 360 and G Suite.
Salesforce’s mission as the global leader in customer relationship management (CRM) is to help companies connect with their customers in entirely new ways. So, with the partnership, Salesforce plans to use Google Cloud Platform infrastructure as a preferred partner to power the tech titan’s international expansion. Google, for its part, will use Salesforce as its preferred CRM provider for selling its cloud services.
Connecting Sales and Marketing Cloud with Google Analytics 360
In order to deliver smarter marketing and customer engagement, you need to know your customers. So here’s the all new, and industry first, integration of Salesforce with Google Analytics 360. Now companies will be able to seamlessly connect sales, marketing and advertising data across Salesforce Sales Cloud, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Google Analytics 360. How cool is that?!
What are the advantages of this partnership? Read on:

  • Audiences and campaign data from Analytics 360 available for activation in Marketing Cloud: Analytics 360 data will be available within Marketing Cloud, delivering marketers one integrated dashboard of consumer engagement data. A marketer can also create customized audiences in Analytics 360 and can activate them on Marketing Cloud for direct channels like email and mobile.
  • Sales data from Sales Cloud available in Analytics 360 for smarter ad targeting: With Sales Cloud integrating into Analytics 360, marketers will get a whole new visibility into the sales cycle. This will help them make richer audience segments and deliver smarter ad optimization. Advertisers can easily convert prospects into customers and reach out for new customers by leveraging Google’s ad platform.

Connecting Salesforce with G Suite
The deal includes integration of the Salesforce.com CRM service with Google’s G Suite software and a free one-year G Suite subscription for Salesforce customers. This means Salesforce customers who run G Suite will be able to access and share information from their Salesforce accounts in Google Calendar, Docs, Drive, Gmail and Hangouts. Now that’s simple!
In addition to all this, Google will continue to use Salesforce as its preferred CRM provider to engage with its cloud customers in better, meaningful ways while Salesforce will continue to use G Suite as its preferred email and productivity partner. So it is a win-win for both sides and for the customers, it is going to be the best of both worlds!