CRM Market – Spanning the Client-Consultant Divide in Salesforce

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CRM Market – Spanning the Client-Consultant Divide in Salesforce

Posted by Shiv Devinarayanan

If you’ve seen your fair share of implementation or development projects in your career, then you would surely know how challenging it is to actually manage one, effectively. You could be a company/individual on the lookout for the perfect Salesforce expert for your new project. You could one of the hundreds out there who are right now contemplating the possibilities that Salesforce holds for their companies. Or, like me, you could be on other side of the equation – a Salesforce consultant eager to get my hands on challenging opportunities to work with.

I’ve had a lot of clients and companies come up to me on various occasions saying how difficult it is to zero in on the right talent for their projects. And vice versa when you look at it from the consultant’s perspective. Yes, I can vouch for that part! It is a problem, and it’s out there, whether you like it or not.

It’s this very problem that CRM Market – a novel initiative by CEO and Founder Tal Frankfurt aims to address. It brings together people and companies who share a common interest in Salesforce and its capabilities and bridges the gap between Salesforce clients and consultants the world over. I have the feeling many of them will sleep better at night knowing CRM Market has got your project covered. For a client, it’s like an easy-to-use e-commerce site for hiring the best resources at affordable prices. For a consultant, it’s great visibility!

Let me just put that out in a bit more detail for you. Here are a few reasons why I think this is going to be an exciting game-changer.

Hiring the Best in the Field

Let’s do some role play and assume you are a client in dire need of that superstar trainer/consultant who can get your team up to speed with just a few hours of Salesforce training. Or you could be running a nerve-wrecking implementation project in Salesforce that’s adding to your woes. If your regular workday involves something similar to this, well, now you know where to look! Each consultant listed on CRM Market has a public profile on it with a bio that includes his/her up-to-date Salesforce certifications, expertise, project experience as well as reviews for previously completed projects. In other words, you can make your hiring decision after thoroughly evaluating if a consultant is up to the task at hand.

A Great Chance for Consultants to Extend Their Reach

I’ve always felt that marketing yourself is a highly rewarding, yet time-consuming process. Here’s where CRM Market can possibly make a consultant’s life easier by helping you cut down on your marketing efforts. In fact, this is a great platform which does wonders for your inbound marketing! Also, when you take on a project through this web marketplace, you know for sure what you are signing up for. It’s because the team at CRM Market goes that extra mile to review a project and set milestones so that there is a clear definition and direction to it from the very beginning. This is probably project management at its best :)!

May the Best Bid Win

So how exactly does a client know they have the best rates in town? Tal and his team have that figured out too! CRM Market works on a bidding process for all its listed projects. A consultant can bid on a project and the client can make a choice after reviewing consultant credentials. That’s not all and I absolutely love this part; they even have a Q&A messaging system to communicate one-on-one with a potential consultant. This ensures there is no stone left unturned before handing over the reins of a project.

Currently, CRM Market has been extending its services to nine countries across the globe with beta support for around twelve more and the numbers are steadily rising. This could very well be the way of the future with Salesforce consultants and clients discovering a whole new range of possibilities in interactions and innovations. We are bound to witness a disruptive trend in how Salesforce projects are carried out, with better onboarding of talent, faster delivery of projects and smarter ways of building relationships. And as the CRM Market team says ‘Focus on your mission and not technology’.

If you’d like to know more, make sure to visit the CRM Market website for details and keep an eye out for their tweets at @CRMMarket.