Empowering your Sales Team with IoT

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Empowering your Sales Team with IoT

Posted by Pooja Prakash J

The Internet of Things has become an important tool to support all things service, including how companies market and sell those services. It is growing at a visible and astonishing rate. Every department that touches the customer, from product design and strategy to marketing, will need to quickly adapt their customer experiences to merge connected objects and IoT- generated customer data.
It’s clear that IoT will continue to increase the amount of data businesses need to process. Let’s see how IoT helps in boosting the sales of a business:


  1.  Equip the Sales Team with IoT Gadgets
  • Field reps are provided with GPS powered devices with which they travel to customers to manage their grievances. They then talk to the customers to resolve and mitigate the issues. These GPS powered navigation systems not only directs them to the exact location of the customer but also updates the case record within Salesforce. Information such as Time Taken to reach,Time Taken to resolve and other updates in real time are recorded without having the Rep to do it manually.    
  • An “Amazon Dash” like gadget for your Sales Rep provides instant updates about the Leads that have to be followed up, without missing out on any of them.


  1.    IoT powered Office Space for the Sales Team
  • A “Hall of Fame” for the Sales Team-  Setting up a big screen TV in the office that shows the best performing Sales Reps – like a Leaderboard. Instant updates are displayed on the TV to motivate and challenge co-workers.                
  • “I Won an Opportunity” button – The Sales team members would have access to a “push button” that would signal the entire team and co-workers in case they win a big deal/opportunity. These buttons will be fixed at cubicles or desks for easy access.              
  • Opportunity Revenue Odometer –  What if there was a big “Odometer” in the office that showed the maximum value  of the Opportunity currently won? The odometer works with CloudBit or a similar IoT device to find out what  the biggest number of opportunities are as of today!

Next-generation sales enablement solutions will help with improved product knowledge — salespeople cannot hold all the information about every product in their heads, but smart ones will know where to find it.