Pledge 1% – Teacher’s Training Program

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Pledge 1% – Teacher’s Training Program

Posted by Pethum Weerasinghe

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”
― Benjamin Franklin

As part of the Dazeworks Pledge 1% in Sri Lanka, we conducted a basic computer training program for school teachers at WP/GM/Gajaba Junior School. After seeing our last program at school, the principal requested us to take a training session for the teachers.

The Gajaba Junior School does not have a dedicated team of teachers for teaching Information & Technology at school. A teacher from another school in the same area visits Gajaba Junior School for 2 days per week and conducts lectures for students on IT. Therefore, during other 3 days in the week the school doesn’t have an IT support.
Having few discussions with the principal and the IT teacher, we were able to prepare course materials according to their requirement.

As per their availability, we went there on 17th July for the training. It was a 2.5 hours training session after the school hours and 12 teachers attended the training.

The training sessions were on Computer history, Main parts of Computer, Computer types, Microsoft word, Excel, PowerPoint and Internet. We handed over the study materials to them.

The principal and the teachers were really happy about the training. They have requested for more training programs in the future. It was a great success and we were equally happy.

We would like to thank the principal and the teacher in charge of the IT subject for supporting us and providing clarity of what should be done. And would also like to thank the staffs for spending their valuable time for this training program.