Is Bangalore the Right Move for Me?

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Is Bangalore the Right Move for Me?

Posted by Aiswarya Hariharan

“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – *Mark Twain
Truly meaningful words by Sir. Mark Twain. But how to find such a satisfying job amidst such hustle and hassle? As a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, Dazeworks has its branches spread out around the globe from Kerala, Karnataka – in India, to Srilanka, US, UK, UAE, even Africa. There are two prominent offices in India, as I have already discussed, a spacious well attended office at Kochi and the second sister office situated at the vast cosmopolitan city of Bangalore. Here, let us see why you may choose Bangalore as your next big step.


Really driven bunch individuals, a small ohana of about 15 – 20 employees, this compact office depicts that, best things come in small packages. Interacting with employees was a refreshing experience. Everyone was brimming with such energy, which was carefully converted for prolific work results. There is an excellent rapport between the higher management, superior employees and the freshers. It was delightful to see young people enjoying their work without being stressed out. The HR shared with me how freshers are given work up to their capabilities without overburdening them. More significant projects are assigned as they upgrade their Salesforce qualifications. Another member shared how as they qualify, they are assigned multiple projects at a time, giving more chances to learn better within a limited frame of time – giving you greater value for the time you spend with dazeworks. Eventually, with a bigger project, and greater responsibilities, one is rewarded better. All freshers agreed upon amazing mentor-ship from their superiors and their patient helping mentality.


Higher management always caters for everyone’s needs – even shifting the office location to a more appropriate and accessible place from an earlier remote area. The current location of the office at Sigma Softtech Whitefield is a lavish setting, with in-built amenities. There are multiple eateries within the campus and a spacious site where the employees can spare their free time. The office is situated on the main road (highway) so you can forget any worries about transportation. My fellow mates also shared how they are well settled at comfortable accommodations within the vicinity. Impeccable infrastructure with the signature Dazeworks/Salesforce blue and white themed workspace. Just outside, a door leading to a very large and spacious balcony where the employees can enjoy their leisure time, or take a quick break from work. And like every other dazeworks office, an area is dedicated for snacks, refreshments and other hot beverages.


Maybe I too am some sort of a fresher, but dazeworks is very very merry and I can vouch for that. The balcony I was talking about is dedicated to all fun activities. Just an open area where we can sit, have a cup of coffee or have a little chit chat. The Fun Friday is a weekly routine with gleeful games and prizes. Employees can break loose in between work to videogames, board games, puzzles, play station.. even a large tennis table. The employees also shared with deep enthusiasm about how the higher management takes them out for little tours and fine dining at any high-end joint on his occasional visits to the office. His presence is an exciting day for the team.
Dazeworks can easily be remembered as a group of a close-knit hard-working team of people with the Salesforce brilliance and in-depth technical knowledge. This office spares no difference to this description. And the career confidence each fresher had of this office, speaks volumes. Shoot your career too to the skies with Dazeworks and be a part of the family!