From Student to Einstein Analytics Champion – Aviral Agarwal

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From Student to Einstein Analytics Champion – Aviral Agarwal

Posted by Dazeworks

We had a tête-à-tête with our Dazeworks ninja Aviral Agarwal who was recently accepted into the Analytics Champions program from Salesforce. Aviral joined us as a student, passionate about technology and Salesforce. He has since then been an active contributor to the team and has continued to learn from and share with the Salesforce Ohana. Here are some excerpts from our conversation.

Congratulations on being a part of the elite Analytics Champion program and in the same league as so many greats in the industry!

How has your journey with Salesforce evolved from being a student to such an exciting point in your career and learning curve?

I started my Salesforce journey as a student and Trailhead was the obvious choice. Safe to say that I quickly took a liking to it and got deeply drawn to the Trails. As a PD1 developer at Dazeworks, I’m getting hands-on experience in some top notch business use cases and it has been super amazing to be a Dazeworks Ninja. But then, I will always be a student at heart with an unwithering passion for learning. 

What does your typical day (and night) with Salesforce look like?

Salesforce is not just a technology for me, it’s my passion. I love to spend most of my time on Salesforce. During the day, it’s while at work and after office hours, I spend my time on the Success Community and on Trailhead. 

Why Analytics Champion?

I have been closely following Einstein for a while now. And like most Salesforce solutions, it has been quite fascinating. With the announcement of the Tableau acquisition, I made up my mind to devote more time to analytics. I’m fairly sure that a big rumble is around the corner and I want to be there, ready for it. So why settle for anything short of the biggest challenge out there? 

How did you prep for the Analytics Champions program?

I started with Trailhead and secured both superbadges of Einstein Analytics. And during my internship I had gained hands-on experience in Einstein Analytics. That helped me a lot in preparing for the Analytics Champions Program.

How do you plan to share your passion for Salesforce and Analytics with the community?

Currently, I am planning to start sharing my knowledge and learning path through my personal blogs and presenting at different community meetups. Moreover, I always try to answer queries related to EA on the Success Community.

Tell us more the #DataTribe and how supportive this growing community is?

#DataTribe is a community of people who are interested in learning and sharing about Einstein Analytics. It’s been a fun and informative way to connect and grow as individuals with knowledge share on Twitter and on the Success Community.

What does the future of Analytics look like with Salesforce adding players like Tableau to their kitty?

The acquisition of Tableau gives Salesforce the capability to also cover customers who are currently not using Salesforce CRM. Also, Tableau has a huge customer base which will be beneficial for Analytics as well. 

Tell us 3 things that you are looking forward to in the upcoming Analytics releases from Salesforce?

The three things that I would love to see in the future will be:

  1. Dependent pick list in Einstein Analytics
  2. First work date of week and end date of week (Year-Month-Date) Format
  3. UI Option to Shorten Number (measures) used in Compare Table

What tips do you have for members of the Ohana who wish to be a part of the program?

Try to cover all badges on Trailhead related to EA and try to share your knowledge with others. Also keep an eye on the Analytics Champion website to sign up on time.