Field Service Lightning- Salesforce’s Solution for Better Customer Connection

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Field Service Lightning- Salesforce’s Solution for Better Customer Connection

Posted by Pooja Prakash J

Field Service Lightning is a tool that has been developed on the customer service platform from Salesforce, one of the world’s leading CRM companies. It is a tool from Service Cloud that enables companies to deliver mobile intelligent customer service from phone to field.Before Lightning was introduced, calls that came into the customer service were processed in Service Cloud. Even though the sales team could access the customer records, there was no easy way to connect with people on the field. To close this gap, Salesforce came up with a modern approach to field service that is built for mobile phones and IoTs.
With major competitors like Microsoft and Oracle acquiring their way into the platform, Salesforce had to up its game in order to keep up. Also with the added benefits of conjoining field and customer service on a single platform, Lightning was the way to do it.
The tool equips a company to deliver the same connected experience on the field and close the gap between the company and the customer.
With Field Service Lightning users will be able to:

1.Connect the entire workforce:
The entire service organization from call centre to the field can be conjoined. It will provide service agents with a 360-degree view of the customer and help to create a work order from any case.

2.Intelligently schedule and dispatch work:
Scheduling and dispatching are the core processes in field service. Smart scheduling helps to easily book service appointments from Lightning Console. It also increases employee productivity by automatically assigning appointments to the right technician based on time, skills and location.

3.Track and manage jobs in real time:
It enables all service employees to update work orders,issue change requests and adjust their job status from anywhere, at anytime. It also helps an employee to view their work order on their device and update them accordingly.

4.Manage complex assets:
Businesses can now track information on the customer’s products with Advanced Assets. It also helps to leverage asset hierarchy to track products made of different parts, all in a single view.

In the IoT era, your customers expect everything to be connected. But majority of your employees do not have access to customer information. So the agents will have to start over searching for the data, leading to loss of money, time and unhappy customers. This is where Field Service Lightning comes to play. It provides a unified platform of mobile with improved connection and intelligent customer service on the field which gives employees better access to customer data on the go.
At times the field agent may not be able to make out the intricacies of each individual customer. However, the customer always expects the agent to have every kind of tool and technology at his fingertips so as to provide them with the right solution. Field Service is one such tool that helps in connecting the company with the customers in a smarter way. A company succeeds when it is able to modify itself to the expectations of a customer by elevating customer satisfaction, at the same time not losing sight of your profits.