Coding Just became A Whole Lot Easier

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Coding Just became A Whole Lot Easier

Posted by Thamaraikannan

I should probably begin this post by thanking  our CEO at Dazeworks Technologies, Shiv Devinarayanan for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to start a career in the Salesforce platform. And a special thanks to our trainer and Salesforce MVP Deepak Anand for being such a great tutor. He explained all the fundamental concepts of coding in great detail. I would say, the best thing about him is that he always considers our point of view and took sessions from our perspective. This made the sessions interactive and easy to relate to.

The first topic that he started with was the importance of Web browsers and Web server. He briefly explained as to why we should be learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery. He also explained fundamental concepts in “Cloud Computing“ (Saas, Paas, Iaas)Then he started with “Coding Best Practices”. He taught us the importance of indentation and this has really helped us in writing better code. Be it HTML, CSS, JavaScript or Apex, the basic rules remain the same!

He then explained about basic “HTML”, it’s importance and where we will be using it. After that we created our Resume by using HTML and it goes without saying that this was a very useful exercise in HTML. After that he moved on to “CSS”, how to include the CSS properties into the HTML page and showed us how to apply CSS for HTML tags using different selectors. Then we used some of these CSS properties to the HTML resume that we had already prepared.

Next, he gave an insight into “Bootstrap” which helped us impart a niche look and feel to our HTML document. He asked us to prepare our Resume in Bootstrap too and that gave us a broad exposure to various Bootstrap features like Grid System, Tables, Images, Forms, Buttons etc. After that we stepped into “JavaScript”, starting with the basics of JavaScript like primary data types, controlling program flow, arrays, functions and objects. Then came the most important part of JavaScript –  DOM (Document Object Model) and how to grab elements from the DOM. Of course, we did another task in JavaScript as well.

Next in line was one of the JavaScript libraries jQuery, its functions and how and where to use each function. We completed the jQuery course in Code Academy which introduced us to the basics of jQuery. We put all our learning into practice in a fun way by building games and Web Apps. Stay tuned for a detailed post on this!

Overall, it was a great learning experience and I am looking forward to our next ‘Crack the Code’ workshop.