3 things the ISV Technical Enablement team will not help you with

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3 things the ISV Technical Enablement team will not help you with

Posted by Seethu Maria Mathew

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Salesforce has always been keen on the growth of ISVs and has taken utmost care to support them along their product development journey. If you’re an ISV trying to get a breakthrough in the Salesforce ecosystem, you should be aware of the many resources available there. An ISV Technical Enablement team in particular can help gain that extra mileage while developing your application.

What/who is a ISV Technical Enablement Team?

ISV Technical Enablement (TE) teams as the name suggests are enablers, a group of Salesforce experts that includes technical evangelists and technologists. They help ISVs enrolled in the AppExchange partner program to be ready to ideate, develop and distribute their applications in the Salesforce ecosystem.. You can always have a 1:1 relationship with the TE team and they’ll help you find a voice in the Salesforce community. They have deep knowledge on the Salesforce platform and can give you some solid advice as you get ready to launch your app. They not only act as the bridge between you and Salesforce, they will also help you find the right person to get things done.. Here are the key resources and services provided by the TE team.

1:1 Partner Enablement Resources : They conduct architecture reviews and product roadmap reviews. They will make sure that your documentation is perfect and follows all the best practices associated with the Salesforce platform. 

1:Many Partner Enablement Resources : The TE team facilitates many resources exclusively catered to ISV success. These resources include webinars, partner community interactions, events and trailhead modules. Moreover they conduct innumerable workshops on most relevant topics such as lightning and posts blogs on latest products and technologies.

Now that you know what an ISV TE team can do for you, here are 3 key areas where you will still need help from an external source.

#1. Reduce time to market

No matter how brilliant your product is, it needs to be well equipped to meet the unpredictable market competition. If you are unable to quickly roll out your app at the right time, you will have to painfully slow down and see somebody else stealing your thunder. Although the ISV TE team give you all the material required to be AppExchange ready, it’s a Salesforce consulting partner who can help your app reach Salesforce’s huge customer base.

#2. Quality Assurance

Everyone’s already aware of Salesforce’s extreme finnickines towards the quality of their products. To be consistent with their promise of delivering bug-free security guaranteed apps, they conduct stringent AppExchange reviews. Be wary as they will not leave one bug amiss and hence you cannot take any vulnerability for granted. TEs do have deep knowledge on the platform, but may not be able to help you crack the actual review. As an ISV, you may need help from another expert source to review your entire process and make your app free of errors.

#3. Deployment

App deployment can be overwhelming for ISVs given the gamut of procedures involved in showcasing their app to the whole world. A TE team will not act as your chaperone through the app publishing process on  the AppExchange. Depending upon the size of your app you will need a more sophisticated skillset to guide you through the entire deployment process. A Salesforce consulting partner can have answers to all your questions- right from planning to publishing and developing go-to market strategies to get your app to the right target audience. 

An ISV technical enablement team like we discussed above are enablers in every sense. They are however not the one-stop solution for all your Salesforce needs. That’s where a Salesforce consulting partner like Dazeworks comes in the picture. Our team has some of the best minds in the industry as you can see here. Our experience and expertise, innovative solutions and engagement models will kickstart your app’s presence in the Salesforce marketplace. If you want a fully functional team to convert your ideas into awesome products, talk to us here.








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