Why do Manufactures need Salesforce CRM?

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Why do Manufactures need Salesforce CRM?

Posted by Aiswarya Hariharan

Discover how a RUGGED sector like manufacturing industry is alleviated with the Salesforce magic.
In the wake of the 4th Industrial revolution, corporates and companies are in an extravagant state of mind where they incorporate cutting edge technologies in almost everything. Being one of the earliest in this field, Salesforce, CRM & Cloud computing platform, joined the marathon of modernization by the beginning of the millennium with its innovations. However, one process that remains unchanged is Manufacturing, albeit few advancements in the method of production. It is now time to level up. But then again it’s very hard to tame the nature and complexities of this sector. And because of this, we need a system that’s powerful enough too. Powered by Salesforce’s extensive CRM and data, manufacturers can deliver customized services to their customers. This will now enable sales reps, service agents, field technician, and even business leaders will have a single view of activities with complete customer and account information from any mobile device.


So you might be wondering how Salesforce can make any difference in the manufacturing sector, here’s how;

  • Personalized customer interactions and experience to proactive and predictive sales and service.
  • Data intelligence, and informed workforce.
  • Help your team with capturing and gathering the right information at a single platform that helps to reinstate existing customer relationship, without falling insufficient.
  • Speed up processes like RFQ ( Request for Quote) followed by precise pricing and quicker quote proposals.
  • Simplified pricing solutions and keep track on the cost, which the sale reps and quote providers can effectively perform behind the desk or even while on the field.
  • Monitor and manage communication between departments and keep track of inventory, expanding its capacity to accommodate more.
  • Utilizes analytics to create opportunities from product gaps based on ideal account profiling.
  • Ultimately improved planning and increased production.


So we saw how Salesforce can ease your manufacturing unit, now let us just see how companies have actually benefited with it. Executives are already in the wake of change. 2016 Connected Manufacturing Service Report, an Insight into Manufacturing Service, revealed that majority of its members feel its important for your drivers or field service agents to be able to incorporate new technologies into their service activities ( about 76%). So has many companies in this field adopted Salesforce – companies like Philips, AE Aviation, Herman Miller and many more. But what is its extent and scope in India? Talking about its presence in India, Senior Area, Vice-President & Country Leader for Salesforce India, Sunil Jose, shared in an interview that “India is one of the fastest growing regions for the company and we’ve grown more than double year-on-year. India will continue to be a key market for us”. As of now, Salesforce counts Bajaj Finserv, Janalakshmi Financial Services, Tata Communications, HCL, United Breweries, Teach for India and InMobi..etc as part of its client list.
And as for the manufacturing sector too, numerous companies benefit from Salesforce.


Cosmo Films, an Indian multinational corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of thermal lamination films in the world. They were able to easily integrate their existing app with Salesforce to effectively monitor and measure lead management and sales employee performance – shares Mr. Jagdip Kumar, CIO, Cosmo Films India. Also, the Community Cloud portal helps them track orders and upload product inquiries to expedite the process. The Salesforce Customer Success Platform helps easily track, score and manage leads in a centralized system which significantly increased sales revenue.
Reinventing the whole furniture scene, Urban Ladder has changed the way Indians buy and design their furniture. Their innovative approach is inclined to providing personalized product and services to their customers. Ushered by Salesforce, Urban clap through an omnichannel solution that could surface data from back end systems, help agents deliver faster and more personalized service.
Another prominent Indian customer is Nolte that trades high-end, modular and customization German kitchens and bedrooms. Alok Duggal, Director of Home Studio India Pvt. Ltd, which operates the Nolte brand, expressed how they were unable to consolidate all customer details from individual stores countrywide in just excel. For such a future-focused business, they were quick enough to understand emerging trends and customer preferences to be able to offer the right product in the right market at the right time, expressed Mr. Duggal.
Another foremost company is in the steel manufacturing industry, Electrotherm, who has its service spread over 44 countries around the globe. Dr. Vishad Rahangdale, CIO, spoke in customer interaction with Salesforce that, lack in access to data on customers and projects impacted customer service. Their introduction of Salesforce in an all-pervasive way helped make adoption and modernization to a whole new level. From understanding customer requirements, faster delivery of services, enables its workforce to perform with mobile devices, to make meaningful and accurate forecasts, they were able to track progress and culminate with revenue generation.
Salesforce is giving you more and more reasons to join the family and get your business in the real groove. Whatever be the issue, Salesforce is sure to have a solution for it. Be a trailblazer and team up now!