Week #1

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Week #1

Week in Review with Shiv

This week there was a lot to basically catch up on, something very specific as a consultant there was some fundamental questions being encountered over and over again.  Before we dive deep into the Tech stuff, there are some awesome events on the horizon:

Midwest Dreamin: I will be in Chicago for the week of August 11th to attend Midwest Dreamin, we are also sponsoring the event. More details here.

WITness Success: Another awesome event happening in Chicago right after the MWD event, Dazeworks is proud to be a sponsor and associated with the wonderful group.
More details here.

Now, off to more of the tech details:

1. Permission Set Vs Profiles

This is an age old question now where the decision between permission set and profiles have been debated about, so I had wanted to share my opinion on the same. One of the best practices I feel when deciding how to structure your profiles in org are:

  • How many different types of users are having similar access requirements?
  • How many exceptions may be required from the standard profile?
  • Do you have deviations on Page Layouts based on the different profiles?

Ideally, I would always recommend to go with one or two standard “Blank” Profiles and create permission sets for individual functionality, it could be demarcated based on job function or even access requirements. E.g.

  • Permission set name “Account Read/Write”, which gives standard fields access and edit permissions for the object itself.
  • Permission set name “Sales Manager Edit” which could give access to Accounts / Contacts / Opportunity Edit access.

All this depends on how you would like to group functionality and how often can you reuse. An app that goes very well with this strategy is the AppyNinja of the week “The Permissioner

It would be good to ensure that Permission sets are kept modular and Profile proliferation is kept to a minimum. Only when you need spate access to different fields on an object and want to split based on profiles, (using page layout assignment) it would be good to have multiple profiles

2. Desk.com in India / APAC

Desk.com is one of my favorite  mini Service cloud offering for Small / Growing businesses. It packs a lot of cool and amazingly useful features like

Multiple Agent Support

  • Case Handling
  • Customer Tracking
  • Live chat integration
  • Knowledgebase
  • Free unlimited portal access for customers
  • Social Media Channels Tracking to case
  • CTI Integration
  • Salesforce Integration and many more

What I found is that it is very difficult to get a Partner in India / APAC  to support / implement desk.com and that is the reason I had a  team spun up and trained on implementing Desk.com end to end. We have a team of 5 people dedicated to implementing Desk.com and I wanted to ensure customers who are trying to implement or even want to consider this solution has a team to talk to before they decide. Salesforce was very helpful in getting us the support needed to roll this out to the market.

A Natural Progression from desk.com will be the famous Service Cloud with a lot of features like

  • Omni Channel
  • Service Cloud console
  • Varied Appexchange apps
  • Power of the Force.com Platform to extend and automate

Our team is planning to release their learnings on the desk.com platform in the form of a blog very soon. Until then reach out to me if you have any questions.

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