Week in review #3 : Midwest Dreamin, WITness Success, PepUP Tech

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Week in review #3 : Midwest Dreamin, WITness Success, PepUP Tech

Week in Review with Shiv

Last week was power packed. I was in Chicago (which I still am at the moment while writing this) attending MidWest Dreamin 17 and WITness Success. It was a good chance for me to catch up with all of my favorite Salesforce Ohana peeps.

MidWest Dreamin: Key Takeaways


  • Got to meet the wonderful Salesforce community in Chicago
  • Awesome partners that supported the event and all the innovative technology out there to learn and implement.

  • Peter Coffee’s awesome talk. As always he doesn’t cease to amaze me with the vision he has and how articulate he is in inspiring us with the future. Make sure you don’t miss the chance to pick his brain whenever you meet him.

 We as Dazeworks were also Sponsors at Midwest Dreamin and gave away some cool luggage tags and some other swags as well. Our partners, Now IT matters Exec team had also flown in. They were gracious enough to host me in the amazing AirBnB mansion with wonderful conversations about Salesforce and the ecosystem and also about the future [Top secret stuff 😉 ]

 I also was fortunate enough to host the DemoJam this time around with my partner in crime Marisa Hambleton. Congrats to OwnBackup for winning the MegaDemo Jam

WITness Success: Key Takeaways


  •  This was the first event for the WITness success community.
  • It was wonderfully organized in the picturesque EagleWood Resorts in Itasca, IL.

  • Power packed content and the format was amazing.

    • Inspiring talk from Peter Coffee on the night before the event at the “Allies Dinner”.

    • Wonderful panel discussion of powerful and inspiring #GirlBoss in the industry.

    • Good breakout session and career fair the next day.

    • And an inspiring session from Cheryl Porro.

We as Dazeworks wanted to show our support and were sponsors, as an extension to this event, all the WIT groups in India are meeting on August 19th, 2017 and will be a start of a strong ripple effect. Please do join in at your local WIT meetup.

PepUP Tech: Another awesome non-profit dedicated to enabling community-based organizations to offer computer science and technology programs to marginalized groups.

  • Got to meet their wonderful graduates.

  • Discussed how Dazeworks can also contribute to this wonderful movement.

You should check out how you can get involved in this here:

Einstein Analytics

To leave you with one cool new thing I learned this week, I’ve been playing around with Einstein Analytics or previously known as Salesforce Wave Analytics. We are trying to get this implemented for one of our customers and there is a lot of data crunching you can do, helps convert data into information.

Register for the Upcoming Webinar on 24th August 2017 :

Get to know Salesforce Einstein here:

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