Week #2

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Week #2

Week in Review with Shiv

Last week was packed as usual, a lot to learn. I was in Colombo, Sri Lanka for the TrailheadDX Recap event. Got to meet the awesome community there and we went over the content for the Recap (Pictures here). As I had explained about Vision API a couple of posts ago, I thought I would mention about the Language API here.

Einstein Language API

The Einstein Language API is very similar in function to how the Vision API is, but the core difference is that we get to train the AI with phrases and words rather than images. There are 2 major categories for this API

  • Intent

  • Sentiment

Intent APIs are used to identify what the customer / user’s input is relating to and to identify patterns on the trained model. E.g. if we have trained Einstein with sample sentences to outcome like the following

“ Why hasn’t my order arrived? “


“ My credit card was charged twice”


“ The package was damaged”


As you can see, the left column contains sample training phrases and the right side column relates to what would be the category of the statement. Once a similar model has been trained (you can have a lot more phrases and category combinations to improve accuracy), you will be able to supply the input to the Einstein API and the AI would return back the most probable match with accuracy percentage next to it. Now you can imagine how it would be useful in so many use-cases.

Sentiment API is similar to that, there are pre-built models like “Community Sentiment” along with other custom models you can train. The difference here is that the outcomes from the AI result could only be one of the following

  • Positive

  • Negative

  • Neutral

So even when you are training the model, you will need to keep in mind that Sentiment API supports only those options.

Wanna learn more? visit : https://metamind.readme.io

Sign up for Einstein at : https://api.einstein.ai/signup

Quick updates

1. India Dreamin : The preparations are in full swing and we need all hands on deck.

  • If you want to volunteer signup here .
  • Pre Register here .
  • If you or your company would like to sponsor and get your branding out there in one of the largest Salesforce events in India, Sign up here or email: info@indiadreamin.in

2. MVP office hours APAC : This is more of a recent development, we are going to restart the MVP office hours back up again in the APAC region.

“MVP Office Hours is an event organized by Salesforce MVPs and held roughly every other week. You can find out when the next Office Hours will be on the Success Community group MVP Office Hours. Office Hours is an hour long event for other Salesforce users to call in and ask questions. It is completely an open forum to ask anything and everything. The Salesforce MVPs do their best to answer the question and help direct the person to an answer if they don’t know right then.

“It is a fantastic community support outlet. Sometimes, people just need to talk to an actual person” – Brian Kwong

3.Travelling to Chicago : I will be in Chicago from the 9th- 18th of August and would love to visit friends, colleagues and customers along with the awesome community. I will be there to attend both Midwest Dreamin’ and WITness Success. See y’all there !

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